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Holidays and other Services

Statutory holidays

In Ontario, it's important to plan ahead for the following holidays and booking ahead for accommodations during these holidays is recommended:

Statutory Holiday  Day 
New Years Day  January 1 
Family Day  Third Monday in February 
Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday 
Easter Monday Retail stores are not open 
Easter Monday Government offices are closed  
Victoria Day  Monday before May 25 
Canada Day July 1 
Civic Holiday  First Monday in August (not statutory) 
Labour Day  First Monday in September 
Thanksgiving Day Second Monday in October 
Christmas Day  December 25 
Boxing Day  December 26 


Liquor Outlets and the Law

You must be 19 or over to buy or consume liquor. wine and beer in Ontario. It is an offence to consume alcohol anywhere other than in a licensed establishment, your residence or within a reasonable distance of your residence. Ontario laws prohibit having open bottles of liquor in a location accessible to the driver of a vehicle. Please don't drink and drive! Liquor including wine and beer is available through stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) or in smaller centers, by their authorized representative. Beer may be purchased through "The Beer Store" or directly from brewery outlets. Beer, wine and cider is now available at select grocery stores in the province of Ontario.

Drinking hours in licensed establishments are from 11am until 2am. In Ontario, it is an offence to consume alcohol anywhere other than in a residence or on licensed premises. Please note that driving motorized vehicles, including cars, trucks, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, and boats, while impaired is illegal. You can immediately lose your license for 90 days for refusing to take a breathalyzer reading greater than 80mg (0.08%) or alcohol oer 100 ml of blood. Charges may be laid under the criminal code of Canada.