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Hunting & Fishing

boaters - how to report your entry

Pleasure crafts may enter Canada by trailer or under their own power. All boats powered by motors 10HP or over must be licensed. Boat licenses from outside Ontario are accepted. Operator Competency Requirements for Pleasure Craft - Regulation requires that all operators of motorized pleasure crafts have proof of competency and proof of age on board at all times. An operator card or equivalent, issued to a non-resident by their state or country, will be considered as proof of competency. For information visit

Planning to "land" your vessel on Canadian soil or did you leave Canadian waters and land on US soil? All private boaters who intend to land on Canadian soil, or who have departed Canadian waters and landed on US soil are required to report to a CBSA designated marine reporting site. Upon arrival at this designated site, call the Telephone Reporting Centre at 1-888-226-7277 from the phone provided to obtain clearance. Not planning to "land" your vessel or did you leave Canadian waters but did not land on US soil? You still need to report to the CBSA. Certain private boaters may contact the CBSA by calling the TRC at 1-888-226-7277. For more detailed information, visit

fishing regulations

  • Licenses: All non-residents of Canada who want to fish in Ontario require a current non-resident sports fishing license and a non-resident Outdoors Card. Non-residents under the age of 18 may fish without a license if accompanied by a licensed family member. Any fish caught are part of the limit of the person with the license. Canadian residents require a resident fishing license and a current resident Outdoors Card.
  • Bait: You cannot bring live minnows, smelts, leeches or any other bait fish into Ontario from the United States. Night crawlers are allowed but they must be brought in containers with artificial bedding only.
  • Limits and Regulations: With countless lakes and streams, it is important that anglers are aware f the general regulations and of any exceptions to the general regulations (e.g. specific slots or catch and possession limits)that may apply to the lake you will be fishing. Ontario Fishing Regulations can be downloaded at

Hunting regulations 

Non-residents must have one of the following to obtain a hunting license:

  1. An Ontario non-resident hunting license issued to you after January 1, 1968.
  2. A hunting license issued to you after January 1, 1968 by a competent authority in a jurisdiction where you were a resident of that jurisdiction.
  3. An Ontario hunting license verification certificate showing your license to hunt in Ontario or that you passed the hunting license examination.

Visit or call the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940 for further information.

Firearms Information

Residents of the US over the age of 18 may bring a hunting rifle or shotgun into Ontario for hunting purposes. You are also allowed to bring up to 200 rounds of ammunition duty free, or up to 1,500 rounds for use at a recognized competition. Firearms are subject to a registration fee. It is suggested that you contact the Canada Firearms Centre for information before you attempt to import a firearm.

Residents of the US are encouraged to pre-register their firearms prior to arriving. Handguns, fully automatic weapons, modified weapons, stun guns, mace and other weapons are not allowed in Canada. Proper storage of the firearm is important so make sure you are aware of the regulations. Of special note, firearms of any kind are forbidden in many of Canada's National and Provincial Parks and adjacent areas.

For more information on importing your firearm into Canada and to receive a registration form contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-400 or 1-506-624-5380.

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