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What You Can Take Back

U.S. residents leaving Canada after a 48 hour stay may return with $800 U.S. worth of goods including the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages: One liter (33.8 fl. oz. of alcoholic beverages may be included in your exemption if you are 21 years old, it is for your own use or as a gift; it does not violate the laws of the state in which you arrive.
  • Tobacco Products: up to 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars.

Joint Declaration - Family members who live in the same home and return together to the United States may combine their personal exemptions.

If you have been out of the country more than once in a 30-day period or because you haven't been out of the country for at least 48 hours, the exemption is $200 U.S. You may include with $200 exemption your choice of the following: 50 cigarettes and 10 cigars and 150 millilitres (5 fl. oz. of alcoholic beverages or 150 millilitres (5 fl. oz. of perfume containing alcohol.) Family members may not group their exemptions.

For More Information:

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Tel: (906) 632-2631

Export Rules

Residents from countries other than the U.S. should ask the appropriate authorities or agencies in their home country or their closest consulate for detailed information about duties charged on articles purchased in Canada.

Permits are required to export some products made from endangered plants or animals. The retailer can usually advise you of any export restrictions on merchandise in their establishment.

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