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City Government Logo Logo BannerBelow are links to download the Thunder logo in Black & White, One Colour and Full Colour versions in both EPS and JPEG formats. Please Be carefull not to distort the logo by stretching or skewing it, logos should always be reproduced in the proper proportions.

The EPS version is a vector format file and is the best format for most professional graphic arts uses because it can be reduced or enlarged without any loss of quality. All the EPS files have been saved as Illustrator 8 files to provide for greater compatibility between platforms and programs.

The JPEG version is provided for use in programs that do not support the EPS format. The JPEG files have been formatted at 300 DPI and cannot be enlarged without loss of quality.

If you require a different format or have questions about the logo please contact Printing and Graphics at 625-2272 or Valerie Marasco, Communications Officer at 625-2438.

Black & White logo EPS JPEG Black & White Logo
1 Colour logo, Pantone Reflex Blue EPS JPEG Blue Logo
Full Colour, CMYK EPS JPEG Full Colour Logo
All logos compressed as a ZIP file EPS JPEG All 3 Logos