A partnership within a partnership

In 2020, EarthCare Thunder Bay and Thunder Bay Parks & Open Spaces partnered with the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup to install a Seabin plastic trash collection & recovery device at Prince Arthur's Landing.

What is a Seabin? Learn more at the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup's "Cleanup Technology" page! The project is intalling Seabins and LittaTrap™ trash collection & recovery devices at marinas around the Great Lakes.

Seabin in actionThe Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup initiative itself is a partnership between the Council of the Great Lakes Region, Pollution Probe, the University of Toronto Trash Team, Boating Ontario, and PortsToronto, along with collaborators EnviroPod, Water Products and Solutions America, Poralu Marine, and Georgian Bay Forever. The project is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“Plastic pollution in the water is a major environmental issue," said Summer Stevenson, Acting Sustainability Coordinator for EarthCare Thunder Bay. "Millions of kilograms of plastic end up in rivers and lakes in the Great Lakes region every year. It’s unpleasant to look at, but it also harms fish and wildlife, pollutes the water, and affects the millions of people who depend on and love spending time in these waterways. That’s why we’re delighted to be a part of the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup, a brand-new initiative that’s using cutting-edge Seabin technology to get plastic waste out of the water, and working to stop more plastic from finding its way in."

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Find out more about the project by visiting the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup website.

Check out the Seabin in action at Prince Arthur’s Landing across from the Splash Pad. Follow the official project page or EarthCare Thunder Bay on Facebook for more news and updates!

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