The City of Thunder Bay aims to strengthen understanding between the Indigenous community and the City. Learn more about our Aboriginal Liaison Strategy and our Vision: Maamawe - All Together.

Declaration of Commitment

The Declaration of Commitment is an important component to the building of a strong and respectful relationship with the Indigenous community in Thunder Bay. As the first city in Ontario with an Indigenous strategy, Thunder Bay recognizes the valuable social, cultural and economic contributions Indigenous people make to our community.

Highlights and progress

The following are highlights implemented by the Indigenous Relations and Inclusion section of the City of Thunder Bay. View a Progress Report. The Elders' Advisory Council guides, supports, and directs much of the Indigenous relations and inclusion work.

Response to Seven Youth Inquest

View the response to the Seven Youth Inquest and the implementation of the recommendations directed to the City of Thunder Bay.

Walk-A-Mile Film Project

The Walk-A-Mile Film Project was created by a collaboration of the City with Thunderstone Pictures. The series is a way to bring discussions on diversity and relationship building into sharper focus. 

Welcome Project

The Welcome Project is an innovative film project that provides educational resources to help youth in our community.

Youth Inclusion Program

The Youth Inclusion Program (YIP) provides neighbourhood based programming created to fit the needs of youth ages 12 to 24. Our goal is to create a safe and positive environment for youth to reach out for extra support when needed.

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