Setting the budget is the most important decision Council makes. The budget is much more than dollars and cents. It directly affects you through the services you receive and is a tool to reach the Community’s goals.

The City welcomes input from residents. 

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2020 budget dates

Date Budget related activity
Jan. 3, 2020

2020 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets (available online and at Waverly or Brodie Library) and the Community Handbook comment form are available at the Office of the City Clerk - 1st floor of City Hall, Waverly or Brodie Library, or access the Handbook and submit your comments online through our Get Involved page.

Jan. 8, 2020

Long-term financial overview presentation at City Council – 6:30 pm start

Read the Long-term financial overview.

Jan. 9, 2020

Public pre-budget deputation meeting at City Hall, Council Chambers  – 6:30 pm start

  • Deputation request letters are not required, but those received by the Office of the City Clerk no later than Thursday, Dec. 19 will be printed in the meeting agenda and will be heard before walk-in speakers.
  • Walk-in speakers are welcome and will be heard in the order of their arrival (a sign-in sheet will be available).
  • No Powerpoint presentations will be permitted.

For information, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 625-2230 



Jan. 22


Council budget review meetings at City Hall, Council Chambers – 5:00 pm start
Feb. 3, 2020

Public Post-Budget Consultation

Those interested in speaking to City Council on the proposed budget can come forward on Monday, Feb. 3 to sign-up. Individuals will be allowed 10 minutes to speak, and priority will be given on a first come, first serve basis. There is no need to register in advance, and individuals can arrive any time after 6 pm. The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.

Feb. 10, 2020

Budget ratified by City Council 

City Hall, Council Chambers – 6:30 pm start


2020 proposed budget information

2020 executive budget summary and corporate report

Read the proposed 2020 Executive Budget Summary and Corporate Report.


2020 tax supported operating and capital budget & twelve year capital forecast

Read the 2020 Proposed Tax-Supported Budget Highlights Fact Sheet for more information.


2020 proposed operating budget by department:

2020 rate supported capital and operating budget

Read the 2020 Proposed Rate Supported Budget Highlights Fact Sheet for more information.


2019  tax supported operating budget summary

Read the 2019 Tax Supported Budget Summary.

The Operating Budget Summary reflects the approved 2019 Tax Supported Operating Budget.

2019 rate suppported operating budget summary

Read the 2019 Rate Supported Budget Summary.

The Operating Budget Summary reflects the approved 2019 Rate Supported Operating Budget.

2019 capital improvements
Read the 2019 Capital Improvements.


Past budgets

Once approved by City Council, summaries created for the Operating Budget and the Capital Improvement Budgets are updated. Documents for past years are linked below.  




If you require a PDF in an accessible format, please email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist or call 807-625-2240.

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