Working and providing services for you - the residents of Thunder Bay. 

As we continue to face the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, City of Thunder Bay employees are working on the front lines and behind the scenes trying to navigate the ever-changing work environment to ensure that essential City services continue to operate.

It has been a challenging time for many to learn and implement new safety precautions, navigate new work environments, all while managing family and personal needs, including mental health.

It has been a difficult time for everyone. It is important to recognize and highlight the great work City employees are doing and to let them know they are appreciated. 

Feature employee spotlight: Dr. Ian Morgan  

Dr. Ian Morgan joined the City as Chief Chemist about six months before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Having lived and worked away from Thunder Bay for more than 10 years, Ian received a call for the interview for his current position on the same day he intended to finalize a house purchase in Alberta. “My wife and I ended up ‘passing’ on the house we had searched for 12 months to find - and well, it paid off!” said Ian.

Dr Ian Morgan - Chief Chemist, City of Thunder BayIan uses his comprehensive background in the sciences as he collaborates with the various sections of the City’s Environment Division including the Water Pollution Control Plant (wastewater) and the Water Treatment Plant (drinking water). He also works closely with other divisions within the City’s Infrastructure and Operations Department, and various City of Thunder Bay offices. Occasionally he attends Council meetings to report scientific information.

In addition, Ian regularly fields communications from residents comprising everything from drinking water queries to spill reports. “The best part of my job is that every day is different, with varying problems or issues to address,” says Ian. “One day I’ll be needed at the Solid Waste & Recycling Facility to assist with a leachate treatment pilot project, the next I’ll be responding to citizen inquiries, and on another I’ll be working with Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.”

The COVID-19 pandemic led to another way Ian could use his scientific background, when he was asked to work with the University of Windsor, Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on Ontario’s Wastewater Surveillance Initiative. “Through analysing wastewater, we have been able to monitor the concentration of COVID-19 in the raw sewage arriving at the Water Pollution Control Plant,” said Ian. He notes that the water is not infectious – it merely contains tiny components of the virus. “Throughout this project, we and other cities have seen correlated trends in the decrease and increase of COVID-19 cases compared with the same city’s concentration of the virus in the sampled raw wastewater. This is just one of the exciting projects I am part of, collaborating with various academic institutions, agencies and departments.”

When away from science and technology, Ian enjoys all things recreational - from snowboarding the tops of the Rocky Mountains to riding 1980s engine-powered surfboards that he repairs, and just about everything in between. He is also very proud to have become a father in June of 2021.

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Thank you City of Thunder Bay employees

In recognition of the dedicated work by all City of Thunder Bay employees during the pandemic, City Council and senior management would like to say thank you. Please watch this video message:

Watch: Dear City Employees - Thank you
City Employees Continue to Serve Residents During COVID-19


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, City of Thunder Bay employees continue to work to ensure essential services continue to operate. This includes staff from (but not limited to):

  • Superior North EMS, who continue to provide emergency medical response across the District of Thunder Bay
  • Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, who continue to respond to fires and emergencies
  • Pioneer Ridge Home for the Aged and Jasper Place, including the doctors, nurses, personal support workers, food service workers, recreational therapists and administrative staff, who are keeping the residents safe and well, in a time when they are unable to have family or friends visit them
  • Meals on Wheels, who continue to deliver meals to adults unable to prepare adequate meals through contactless delivery
  • Thunder Bay Transit, who continue to provide public transportation to residents getting to their essential workplaces, medical appointments and grocery stores
  • Sewer and Water, who keep the taps flowing so residents can have clean drinking water and are able wash their hands
  • By-Law Enforcement, who are helping educate residents about how to stay safe, including the importance of staying home and physical distancing
  • Waste Collection and the Landfill Site, who continue to collect and deal with residents’ waste
  • Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch, who continue to answer questions and help keep residents informed
  • Corporate Information Technology, who help and continue to help deploy technology for employees to work from home or at the office efficiently
  • Roads, who continue to maintain traffic and pedestrian control devices required for the safety of motorists and pedestrians getting to their essential locations
  • Across the Corporation, who work in customer service and administration, who continue to answer phone calls, take appointments, process licenses and applications, among other duties  

These are just a few areas among many, where the staff continue to provide essential City services on the front line and behind the scenes.

To find out how service are affected and to access City contact information during the COVID-19 Pandemic, visit the new A-Z City Services Directory. The A-Z listing is maintained with the latest information on services as they are operating, reduced, or unavailable.









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