The future we want to create requires continuous effort. Where we strategically want to be tomorrow requires time spent implementing today. What do we want Thunder Bay to look like in the future? It's a big question and an important one. As our city grows and attitudes change, it is vital that we continue to talk as a community about what we want our city to become.

Strategic Plan

The Aboriginal Liaison unit and Aboriginal Liaison Strategy fits into the City of Thunder Bay's larger strategic initiative of improving the overall quality of life for all its residents. To meet the future needs of our community, Thunder Bay is taking a strategic approach that makes the most of our City's strengths.

Together, our community is working to achieve our top priorities to create:

  • A stronger and more diversified economy
  • A cleaner, greener, more beautiful and proud Thunder Bay
  • A high quality of life
  • One of the best-run cities in Canada.

Building Thunder Bay

There is a strong commitment within the City of Thunder Bay to create the future we all want. By working together, we will get there. View the keynote, Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair.

Message from Community Leaders

At the time of the Walk-A-Mile Film Project, the following messages were given by community leaders.

Message from the Mayor

On behalf of my colleagues on Council and the Citizens of Thunder Bay, I would like to extend my congratulations to the organizers of the Walk-A-Mile Film Project.

Thunder Bay is blessed to be home to a strong Aboriginal community. Our First Nation, Metis and Inuit residents are a large part of our cultural identity, and have played key roles in the development of our City.

With such a diverse population, it is incumbent on each of us to ensure we embrace respectful relations and dialogue, and learn all we can about each other. That is why projects like this one are so important.

The five-part documentary series at the heart of the Walk-A-Mile Film Project is focused on telling the stories of our Aboriginal residents. It is my hope that these films will lead to a better understanding of each other, and, by extension, a more inclusive community.

Thank you to those who worked so hard on making this vision a reality. I look forward to the discussion and ideas it will no doubt produce.


Keith P. Hobbs, Mayor

City of Thunder Bay

Message from the Chief of Fort William First Nation

On behalf of myself and my colleagues on Council and the Membership of Fort William First Nation, I would like to extend my congratulations to the organizers of the Walk-A-Mile Film Project.

Fort William First Nation is proud to work alongside the City of Thunder Bay to provide inclusion for each other and our diverse and vibrant communities. We will continue to work together to develop these fundamental values, thus building a stronger foundation, increased understanding for this generation and future generations.

I cannot begin to address the imperativeness and the need to understand the interests and concerns of all Aboriginal Nations, and work toward solutions that benefit all parties and humanity, which importantly includes the City of Thunder Bay. I support the development of relationships and partnerships based upon trust and respect and continue joint efforts to build more bridges with the City of Thunder Bay.

I am honoured that the five-part documentary series at the heart of the Walk-A-Mile Film Project is focused on telling the stories and teachings of our Aboriginal people. It is my hope that these films will educate an understanding of our culture, each other and subsequently, result in a more inclusive community as a whole.

Thank you to those whose dedication and hard work is apparent on making this Walk-A-Mile vision a reality and a success. I welcome the opportunity for future discussions relative to this project.

"The success of a community depends on the quality of its cultural education. In order to restore our culture we need to understand our past." -Miigwech

Chief Georjann Morriseau

Fort William First Nation

A Message from the Metis Nation of Ontario, the Thunder Bay Metis Council, the Superior North Shore Metis Council and the Greenstone Metis Council

Metis are one of the Aboriginal peoples that have made the Thunder Bay region home since before Canada became a country. Our relationship has been a very long and historical one. We feel it is very important to continue to build on those relationships as we move into the future with the citizens of the City of Thunder Bay and the Municipalities in the region.

We congratulate the team that organized and produced the Walk-A-Mile Film Project. We are proud to be a sponsor and look forward to strengthening our relationship.


Cameron Burgess

Region 2, PCMNO Councillor

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