A prosperous & more diversified economy

Goal 11: Diversified with friendly business environment



11.1 Invest in the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC)

Support the CEDC Strategic Action Plan and its seven focus areas:

  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Innovative Manufacturing
  • Thunder Bay Training and Educational Community
  • Logistics and Supply Hub
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mining Readiness Strategy
  • Social Enterprise, Information and Communication Technologies, Regional Food and Film

In particular, explore with CEDC what actions the City can take to support manufacturing, attract and retain young professionals, encourage the co-operative sector (e.g. housing and food) and enhance Thunder Bay’s profile as a regional service centre and hub


Goal 12: Revitalized downtowns and business areas



12.1 Develop and invest in programs to build capacity in Thunder Bay’s distinct neighbourhoods

  • Create Multi-Year Neighbourhood Strategy including support for sustainable commercial growth at the neighbourhood level
  • Review By-laws and enforcement related to property standards and other areas

12.2 Invest in revitalizing the downtown cores

  • Develop Downtown Core Strategies including improvement programs, public amenities such as accessible washrooms and actions to encourage residential development by the private sector
  • Implement recommendations of the South Core Public Safety Audit through the Fort William Public Safety Task Force
  • Develop and implement a multi-year wayfinding signage strategy in conjunction with the Business Improvement Areas and business areas

12.3 Invest in revitalizing vacant and underutilized industrial areas

  • Review best practices and implement revised Community Improvement Programs (CIP) for downtown areas
  • Investigate CIPs for vacant and underutilized industrial areas including the entire waterfront industrial area

12.4 Promote culture as a catalyst for economic development   

  • Continue to implement the Inspire Thunder Bay Culture Plan


Goal 13: Premier visitor destination  



13.1 Develop new tourism destination attractions and products

  • Develop and implement a new Tourism Thunder Bay product development and marketing plan
  • Work with tourism industry community partners to identify best options for new and enhanced attractions, and follow up with implementation plan
  • Develop a Wayfinding Plan


Goal 14: Known for growing agricultural sector



14.1 Facilitate the growth of greenhouses, community gardens and backyard agriculture

  • Identify actions the City can take to support effective implementation of the Food Strategy


Goal 15: Welcoming to world with globally enhanced image and identity



15.1 Market Thunder Bay to potential investors and business     

  • Phase 1 – Work in partnership with CEDC to develop and implement an investment marketing strategy

15.2 Market Thunder Bay’s amazing quality of life

  • Phase 2 – Work in partnership with CEDC and Tourism Thunder Bay to develop a community marketing program, starting with residents, recognizing people can “live well for less in Thunder Bay” – freshest air, recreational and outdoor hub, reasonable housing prices, and natural beauty


Goal 16: Strong regional partner



16.1 Cultivate regional partnerships        

  • Collaborate with regional municipalities and organizations to benefit the region as a whole

16.2 Support the expansion of natural gas, wood pellets and advanced biomass as alternative fuel sources

  • Support the ongoing work of the Common Voice Energy Task Force particularly related to economic development opportunities

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