A cleaner, greener, more beautiful & proud Thunder Bay

Goal 7: Clean and beautiful streets and spaces



7.1 Give priority to integration of ‘complete streets’ guidelines on key corridors        

  • Implement Image Route Guidelines with initial priority focus on Red River Road, Memorial Avenue and other opportunities related to annual City of Thunder Bay capital works program
  • Develop Transportation Master Plan to plan for future needs and align in keeping with ‘complete streets’ guidelines

7.2 Provide developers with design guidelines to improve the quality of the built environment    

  • Promote and apply approved Urban Design Guidelines

7.3 Recognize the private sector for building projects that improve the built environment

  • Support and promote Annual Clean, Green and Beautiful Awards

7.4 Invest in anti-litter program, campaign and community clean-ups

  • Implement umbrella campaign through Clean, Green and Beautiful and in keeping with Solid Waste Management Strategy

7.5 Invest in programs to beautify façades and private properties in designated areas  

  • Update Façade Improvement Program
  • Develop comprehensive city-wide beautification program including incentives for private properties

7.6 Invest in beautification of public areas

  • Investigate use of Communities in Bloom program criteria as a starting point
  • Develop and integrate enhanced City of Thunder Bay property beautification programs in annual operating budget


Goal 8: Leader in climate change adaptation



8.1 Plan for climate resilient infrastructure and services               

  • Complete development of Climate Adaptation Strategy through EarthCare Sustainability Plan

8.2 Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy and fuel consumption within the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay

  • Continue implementation of Corporate Energy Management Plan
  • Continue and investigate alternative fleet-related programs that encourage and promote reduced fleet fuel consumption and/or reduced GHG emissions

8.3 Partner with Thunder Bay Hydro to support the development and use of renewable energy technologies

  • Support Thunder Bay Hydro’s Sustainable Electric Energy Development Initiative


Goal 9: Greener with protected and enhanced natural areas



9.1 Improve surface water management, and educate and assist residents and businesses on protecting their new and existing properties from flooding

  • Implement Storm Water Management Plan (subject to Council approval - 2015)
  • Support implementation of related priorities of the EarthCare Sustainability Plan
  • Review and promote Residential Drainage Assistance Program (RDA)

9.2 Protect, preserve, enhance and expand the City’s public forest resources

  • Implement Urban Forestry Management Plan


9.3 Encourage waste reduction 

  • Implement recommendations of Solid Waste Management Strategy


Goal 10: Better connected by integrated mobility choices



10.1 Continue to develop a better transit system to improve the customer experience and increase ridership             

  • Implement the objectives of the Transit Master Plan for conventional and specialized transit services

10.2 Provide and maintain a transportation system that offers competitive choices for moving people to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips

  • Continue to implement the Active Transportation Plan
  • Update the Transportation Master Plan to result in an integrated and seamless transportation system, which recognizes all mobility choices

10.3 Expand the quality of the pedestrian environment in order to improve the city’s walkability and connectivity

  • In conjunction with the Transportation Master Plan, develop a City of Thunder Bay Pedestrian Mobility Plan
  • Systematically implement the Recreational Trails Plan and integrate trails in new developments
  • Develop funding and implementation plan for a waterfront trail







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