The budget and you

The Budget is much more than dollars and cents. It impacts you by the services you receive and is a tool to reach the Community's goals. Each time you have your garbage collected, turn on the water, have your roads and sidewalks plowed, call the police or visit the library you are seeing your tax dollars at work. The City's mission is to provide a balance of services that improves our quality of life and supports our economy in a responsible manner.

Financial leadership

The City Treasurer and General Manager of Corporate Services & Long Term Care provides financial leadership and support to protect the long-term sustainability of services to the public. Other key business areas include financial reporting, financial policies, revenue collection and disbursement, purchasing of goods and services and corporate information and technology.

Each year, the Treasurer updates the Long-Term Financial Overview.  Corporate Services & Long Term Care also maintains and updates the Corporation's User Fees

View Financial Statements for the current year and previous years.

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