Recognized as a best-run city

Goal 17: Fiscally strong, supported by sustainable tax base



17.1 Emphasize long-term strategic financial planning and fiscal stability

  • Continue to present the Long-Term Financial Plan to ensure sustainability and affordability
  • Report for Council approval inclusive of recommended overall City tax levy targets for the balance of this term of Council (i.e., 2016 to 2018)

17.2 Identify opportunities for improvement and/or net budget savings in City services

  • Investigate options and implement ongoing program for review of City services including ongoing consultation with the public
  • Update City Services Profile and continuously review services to realize annual savings
  • Continue to implement City LEAN program related to ongoing continuous improvement of City Services

17.3 Focus on balanced decision making              

  • Develop mechanism to apply three key filters to decisions: economic, environmental and citizen focus

17.4 Enhance funding and additional sources of revenue across all departments

  • Investigate and maximize funding opportunities
  • Expand collaborative relationships with Tbaytel, Thunder Bay Hydro group of companies and affiliated Boards and Agencies that further economic development to improve the competitive advantage of the Corporation and increase shareholder value

17.5 Support efforts to grow tax base – in particular commercial and industrial assessment               

  • Develop proactive assessment growth strategy, and develop and implement related tax policy options


Goal 18: Sustainable through enhanced infrastructure renewal



18.1 Build on recent progress in infrastructure renewal for all City capital assets            

  • Update asset management plans across all asset categories
  • Continue to increase Enhanced Infrastructure Funding on annual basis with focus on roads, bridges and stormwater management
  • Develop the Transportation Master Plan to plan for future needs


Goal 19: Accountable with transparent and open decision making



19.1 Engage citizens      

  • Continue to engage citizens and complete the Public Engagement Framework
  • Make clear, coordinated communications a priority through an updated Community Communications Plan using established City channels and new media


Goal 20: Leader in public policy advocacy



20.1 Advocate for more funding and public policy change to address urgent and emerging community needs

  • Develop ongoing advocacy and other strategies in conjunction with the Intergovernmental Liaison Committee
  • Seek representation on Board of Directors of key public policy organizations (e.g. MPAC)
  • Focus on enhanced funding to address urgent and emerging social issues facing the City of Thunder Bay
  • Continue support for key organizations such as Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Thunder Bay District Municipal League, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative


Goal 21: Employer of choice



21.1 Have the right person with the right skills in the right position           

  • Continually update Corporate succession planning process
  • Deliver Corporate training with focus on building leadership capacity of organization

21.2 Promote a corporate culture that respects diversity             

  • Continuously update and implement corporate training to include accessibility, respect., and Aboriginal cultural awareness training

21.3 Promote and develop a safe and healthy workplace          

  • Maintain and continually improve a comprehensive safety program conforming to Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 in order to manage risk and reduce the incidence of injury and occupational illness
  • Present status report annually to City Council on the City of Thunder Bay Health and Safety Program including key performance measures related to accident prevention and reduction



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