Welcome to the City of Thunder Bay

 The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay holds a prominent position as one of the leading employers within our City. With a workforce comprising approximately 2800 committed and passionate individuals, we play a pivotal role in shaping the community and driving its progress. Our City thrives on the collective efforts, skills, and diverse talents of its residents, and we firmly believe that you possess the qualities that contribute to our ongoing success.

 As an organization deeply committed to the betterment of Thunder Bay, we recognize the vital role our employees play in delivering essential services, fostering community development, and maintaining the high standards our residents deserve. Each member of our team brings a unique perspective and expertise, contributing to the vibrant and inclusive environment we strive to create.

 We are dedicated to supporting our employees in their professional growth, providing opportunities for personal development, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. By joining our esteemed team, you will become part of a collective effort to shape the future of Thunder Bay, making a tangible difference in the lives of its residents and leaving a lasting impact on our City's progress.

 We extend a warm invitation for you to embark on this exciting journey with us, where your skills, dedication, and passion will be valued and celebrated. Our City runs on people like you, so let’s continue to build a brighter future for Thunder Bay and its residents!



Apply for City Jobs


How to apply

Applying for a job at the City of Thunder Bay has never been easier! Follow the steps below to create a profile and apply for the job that interests you. Want to learn more about using our online job system?

The application process

  1. Visit our job opportunities
  2. Click on a job posting that interests you.
  3. Click on "Apply for this Job Online".
  4. Create a candidate profile online.

Candidate profile

If you are a new user, you will need to create a Candidate Profile. Creating a profile allows you to store your resume and cover letter. The profile itself is not considered an application. You must complete the full online application for each position that is of interest to you. Fill out the pre-screening questionnaire and submit a resume and cover letter online.

Existing candidates

If you have already created a profile, you may simply log into your profile to begin your application for a position.

Require Assistance? 

If you require assistance you can contact us by phone or in person.

By phone:  807-625-2585

In person: Suite 42 - 125 Syndicate Ave., South, Thunder Bay, ON   P7E 6H8

Available 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Frequently asked questions

Have a question? See our list of commonly asked questions to help you as you consider applying to a City job.

What are internal and open competitions?

Only current employees of the City can apply for internal job postings. Anyone can apply for open job postings.

When are new jobs posted?

The City of Thunder Bay has seven-day job postings that come out every second Friday. Temporary positions may be posted for three days that can be posted at any time as needed.

Where and when do I apply?

Apply online today.

The City of Thunder Bay does not accept general applications and does not keep them on file. All applications must be submitted by the closing date on the job posting. Late applications will not be considered.

Can I create a profile without applying to a job?

Yes, you can create a profile before applying to any positions. Once your profile is created you will have a username and password you can use to log back in to apply for jobs at any time.

What is a general resume?

A general resume is a resume that can be used to apply for any position. You should start with a resume version that includes:

  • A strong general summary statement that displays your top 3 - 4 abilities;
  • A skills section outlining extra areas where you excel;
  • An experience section that gives a brief description of each of your roles with a couple of supporting bullets around your main responsibilities and tasks; and
  • Any additional sections for your education, training, memberships, and affiliations, etc., that may be important to include.

Make sure to provide job specific information relevant to the position you are applying. Use the job specific cover letter and additional details fields on your profile page.

After my application is submitted, when am I notified?

You will receive an immediate message to your email once your application is received.

Closing dates

When a job posting closes, applications are forwarded to the City department responsible for the position. The department will review the applications and schedule interviews. Only applicants who are to be interviewed will be notified. This process can take up to six weeks after the closing date. The successful applicant will be notified that they have been selected for the position.

What is the City of Thunder Bay's competent driver standard?

The City of Thunder Bay has a competent driver standard for individuals who will be driving city owned, leased or rented self-propelled mobile equipment and/or vehicles.

What does this mean for perspective employees?

  • Upon request, you must provide a 3 year driver's record (uncertified) to Human Resources within ten (10) working days upon notification of receiving a conditional offer of employment
  • You must meet the requirement of the job description where it states 'must possess and maintain a valid Ontario Driver's Licence within a specific class'
  • You must have and maintain a driving record that does not exceed the standard set out using the Ticket Tracker Scorecard
  • You must not have had your driver's licence drowngraded or revoked within the past 24 months for other than medical reasons, and
  • You must be deemed and remain insurable by the Corporation's chosen insurance provider

What is the Ticket Tracker Scorecard?

The Ticket Tracker Scorecard is a standard scorecard used by the corporation to evaluate a personal driver's record (abstract) and an employee's corporate driving history.

Driver's licence downgrades and suspension for other than medical reasons, driving convictions and demerit points may affect your ability to successfully meet our competent driver standard.

How can I find out what is on my driver's record (abstract)?

You can order a 3 year driver's record online or in person from Service Ontario.

I hold a driver's licence from another province, can I still apply for positions that require an Ontario driver's licence?

Job classifications that require the employee to drive a city owned, leased or rented self-propelled mobile equipment and/or vehicles will be indicated in the job description 'must possess and maintain a valid Ontario driver's licence within a specific class'.

What does this mean for driver's licence holders from another province?

You will be required to meet our component driver's standard.  This will be evaluated by providing a driver's abstract from your home province.  At a future date, you will be required to convert your current out-of-province driver's licence to the equivalent Ontario driver's licence class. 

 I cannot upload my resumes from the my computer button, how can I fix this?

If you are experiecing trouble uploading your resume using the my computer button when using Internet Explorer, try  using the web browser Google Chrome.

What are leadership competencies?  

Leadership competencies are a set of defined behaviours that include all related knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes that predict outstanding performance for a leader. Learn more about the City's leadership competencies.


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