A high quality of life:

Goal 1: Unified city of strong, active, vibrant neighbourhoods



1.1 Build civic pride through proactive community engagement of citizens and business    

  • Develop a Civic Pride Plan including partnership opportunities, targeted initiatives and recognition
  • Continue to support the Clean Green & Beautiful Committee in its civic pride efforts

1.2 Build neighbourhood capacity

  • Develop and implement Neighbourhood Hub Strategy to increase the level of social interaction, building on the success of Action for Neighbourhood Change led by the United Way and exemplified by Evergreen a United Neighbourhood
  • Participate in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Steering Committee to implement neighbourhood initiatives that support physical, emotional and mental health

1.3 Celebrate key anniversaries that are a significant source of civic pride

  • Establish Committee for 50th Anniversary of City of Thunder Bay
  • Apply to Federal Canada 150 Fund for City of Thunder Bay projects and support other eligible community-based projects
  • Support the development of the 100th Anniversary of First World War Committee and the implementation of its plan


Goal 2: Safe, welcoming and inclusive



2.1 Address the risk factors of crime and disorder and increase perceptions of safety         

  • Update and implement the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy in conjunction with community partners

2.2 Invest in emergency services that protect all residents of Thunder Bay            


Support the efforts of emergency services through annual updates and ongoing implementation of:

  • Thunder Bay Police Service Annual Business Plan
  • Strategic Master Fire Plan
  • Superior North EMS Strategic Plan

2.3 Reduce the harm caused by substance use

  • Implement priority actions of the Thunder Bay Drug Strategy in conjunction with community partners

2.4 Attract workers, families, students, including immigrants, to choose Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario as places for long-term residence

  • Develop Welcoming Strategy in conjunction with community partners including a focus on supporting students relocating to Thunder Bay
  • Work with Thunder Bay Multicultural Association to continue to develop Northwestern Ontario Immigration Portal

2.5 Encourage respect and make racism and discrimination unacceptable

  • Renew broad-based promotion of the respect. initiative
  • Update and implement the Work Plan of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee


Goal 3: Proud of its diversity and unique culture



3.1 Recognize the diversity in our community    


  • Complete respect. Training for all City staff
  • Support and promote the annual respect. Award
  • Further the community-wide respect. initiative

3.2 Recognize the contributions of Aboriginal peoples               



  • Update and implement the City of Thunder Bay Aboriginal Liaison Action Plan
  • Complete Cultural Awareness training for all City staff

3.3 Celebrate arts and heritage as a key contributor to quality of life in Thunder Bay        

  • Implement Inspire Thunder Bay Culture Plan


Goal 4: Place to live with appropriate housing for all



4.1 Explore opportunities for the municipality to facilitate more housing along the continuum                      

  • Support District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board implementation of Under One Roof: A Housing and Homelessness Plan
  • Implement recommendations of Drug Strategy Accommodation Needs Analysis through Housing and Homelessness Coalition including Homelessness Count and Housing First Strategy
  • Review municipal best practices and options to encourage and support private sector in offering affordable housing options and develop a related City of Thunder Bay strategy working in conjunction with District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board lifestyle as outlined in the Becoming Our Best Strategic Plan


Goal 5: Free from the effects of poverty



5.1 Support the shared agenda for change and goals developed through Thunder Bay Counts:

  • A prosperous, vibrant economy*
  • A community free from the effects of poverty
  • An inclusive, connected community**
  • *Also supported by actions in the Economy pillar
  • **Also supported by actions in the Lifestyle pillar
  • Participate in the Thunder Bay Counts Roundtable
  • Support Building a Better Thunder Bay for All: A Community Action Strategy to Reduce Poverty

5.2 Advocate for programs and funding from other orders of government to improve access to services for individuals facing poverty, mental health challenges and addictions

  • Develop Advocacy and Funding Strategy working closely with Intergovernmental Affairs Committee



Goal 6: Leader in accessible recreation and services for all people



6.1 Invest in new and revitalized recreational facilities and affordable, accessible programs and services that meet the needs of people of all ages in their neighbourhoods

  • Complete Community Services – Recreation & Facilities Master Plan
  • Explore feasibility of 55+ Centre on South Side and Youth Centre(s) throughout the City
  • Review user fees for children’s recreation programs
  • Install splash pads in every major neighbourhood
  • Continue to support P.R.O. Kids
  • Apply Children’s Charter and Senior’s Charter lens in decision making
  • Implement Youth Services Strategy (full program as approved by Council)
  • Continue work with community partners to support neighbourhood based enhancements to recreational facilities and programs (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs, Evergreen a United Neighborhood)

6.2 Improve City services and programs to enhance the quality of life of seniors and participation in City events and programs, and work with our partners to support Thunder Bay residents to age well and live with dignity

  • Complete and implement Age Friendly City Services Action Plan
  • Support the Community-wide Age Friendly Thunder Bay Action Plan
  • Research, develop, implement and evaluate best practices in long-term care at Pioneer Ridge Home for the Aged as a Best Practices Spotlight Organization

6.3 Invest in preventing and removing physical and attitudinal barriers to accessibility   

  • Implement Multi-Year Accessibility Plan               






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