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We recognize the importance and value of involving citizens more effectively in the decisions of elected officials and municipal staff regarding the development of policies, programs, services, and initiatives. The knowledge, energy and ideas of citizens can improve governance and decision making.

This framework will guide the way that we engage citizens and help to develop stronger relationships between the City and community. 

Development of the Framework

Our framework was shaped by the Connect Thunder Bay Citizen Engagement Report. More than 250 people shared their views on the best way to engage citizens in the development of City programs, services, initiatives and policies. A draft Framework was then developed, and citizen input was gathered from July 23 - Aug. 20, 2018, to further shape the final Framework. Read the citizen input and how the framework was adapted. The final Framework was approved by City Council on August. 27, 2018.

What to expect

The City of Thunder Bay is guided by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Spectrum of Public Participation. When engaging with the community, we will be clear: What is the goal? What are we hoping for? What can you expect? 

List of goals, examples and what to expect
Goal ExamplesWhat can you expect?
Learn more
  • Open house
  • Display
  • Fact sheet
  • Website
  • MyTBay
Balanced, objective information.
Have your say
  • Public meeting
  • Survey
  • Focus group

Give input.

Find out how your input makes a difference.

Shape your city
  • Workshop
  • Design session
Provide direct input into development of ideas and alternatives.

Our principles

  • Inclusive - We will Inform and involve those who are affected directly and indirectly.
  • Meaningful - We will further a clear policy purpose in the best interests of residents and municipal property taxpayers.
  • Responsive - We will use effective communication, keeping in mind diverse needs, backgrounds and interests. We will reflect back how stakeholder views affect outcomes.

Get involved

See our current engagement opportunities to get involved with the City.

For more information, please email our Communications Department or call 807-625-2438.

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, please email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist or call 807-625-2240.

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