Most of the Township records listed below were acquired by the City of Thunder Bay during the amalgamation of Port Arthur and Fort William in 1970.

The City of Thunder Bay Archives uses four categories to describe how access may be granted to archival records:

  • (A) The records are available for everyone to view.
  • (A*) Some records might need special permission to view. Archives staff will perform a quick review upon request for access and may require you to file a formal request for some files or documents.
  • (RST) Records are restricted and require a formal request for access. Access to records may be denied based on restrictions in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. You may need to sign a research agreement before you can access these records.
  • (PIB) These records are a Personal Information Bank and may only be accessed by the person to whom the records relate, or that person's representative.

Series without a classification code have not yet been designated, but are also be subject to Freedom of Information/Privacy legislation.

Requests for records classified as Restricted may be redirected as formal requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In any case, requests for access will be processed as quickly as possible but cannot be done on the spot.

On most computers, you can search any of the finding aid PDF documents once opened by pressing CTRL-F or selecting "Find."

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

Township archival records series 

Series 31 - Neebing Township Assessment Rolls, 1907-1970 (A)

Series 32 - Neebing Township Collector's Rolls, 1909-1964 (A*)

Series 114 - Neebing Township Tax Records, 1904-1969 (A*)

Series 115 - Shuniah Municipality Tax Records, 1952-1969 (A*)

Series 116 - Crooks Township Tax Ledger, 1904-1927 (A*)

Series 295 - Neebing Township By-Laws, 1948-1960 (A)

Series 296 - Shuniah Municipality By-Laws, 1929-1969 (A)

Series 321 - Shuniah Municipality Building Permits, 1969 and later (A*)

File titles and descriptions are listed as they appear in the original records and have not been edited. These file listings may contain variant spellings, inaccuracies, or terms which are now considered offensive. They have been left in this original format for historical authenticity.

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