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City council is pleased to present its 2015-2018 corporate strategic plan

On January 1, 2020, the City of Thunder Bay will be 50 years old. The last decade has seen tremendous change including the transformation of our waterfront, major building projects throughout the city and work to improve our image routes - or key corridors. Located in the centre of Canada on the shores of Lake Superior and surrounded by the boreal forest, we are a proud city of contrasts - historic and modern, ecological and technological, intimate and magnificent, closeknit and urban.

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Goal 1: Unified city of strong, active, vibrant neighbourhoods

Goal 2: Safe, welcoming and inclusive

Goal 3: Proud of its diversity and unique culture

Goal 4: Place to live with appropriate housing for all

Goal 5: Free from the effects of poverty

Goal 6: Leader in accessible recreation and services for all people

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Goal 7: Clean and beautiful streets and spaces

Goal 8: Leader in climate change adaptation

Goal 9: Greener with protected and enhanced natural areas

Goal 10: Better connected by integrated mobility choices

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Goal 11: Diversified with friendly business environment

Goal 12: Revitalized downtowns and business areas

Goal 13: Premier visitor destination

Goal 14: Known for growning agriculture sector

Goal 15: Welcoming to world with globally enhanced image and identity

Goal 16: Strong regional partner

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Goal 17: Fiscally strong, supported by sustainable tax base

Goal 18: Sustainable through enhanced infrastructure renewal

Goal 19: Accountable with transparent and open decision making

Goal 20: Leader in public policy advocacy

Goal 21: Employer of choice

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Key Trends & Indicators

A high-level strategic overview presented to City Council on March 5, 2015, identified key trends that need to be taken into account and tracked to minimize risks and maximize opportunities whil maintain the foundational approach that has proven successful so far. More recently, the Strategic Plan has been updated with the 2015 Citizen Survey results.

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Strategic Planning Context

The Strategic Plan includes overview of past community and corporate plans together with summaries of current strategic policies and plans. All of these existing plans helped to shape 'Becoming our Best'.

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Stay Connected

The Implementation Plan sets out milestones, indicators and project leads. Progress will be reported after 120 days and annually. See the progress in the following newsletters:

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