The new 2023 - 2026 Strategic Plan is currently under development. This Plan will set the direction and guide the City of Thunder Bay over the next four years. Please check back. Once final the Plan will be published on this page.  

    Our vision

    Our vision for Thunder Bay is One City, Growing Together.

    Thunder Bay will foster an inclusive city focused on service excellence and partnerships to provide a high quality of life to our citizens. We embrace and celebrate our diversity as it makes our community a vibrant and dynamic place to grow.

    Our priorities

    • Growth and prosperity
    • Community safety and well being
    • Cost-effective and quality services to citizens
    • Financial sustainability to provide and maintain service and infrastructure levels
    • Environmental stewardship

    These priorities will guide decision making and provide a framework for requests of Council. Activities that do not further these priorities will not be recommended.

    Our strategy

    Provide civic leadership to advance mutual respect, equal opportunity and hope.

    Advance service excellence through a citizen focus and best use of technology.

    Focus on city building and social infrastructure to strengthen our economy, lifestyle and well being.

    Focus on essential infrastructure, revitalize our cores and enhance our Image Routes.


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    Implementation plan & progress updates 

    Fourth & Final Progress Update:

    The fourth and final update on the 2019 - 2022 Corporate Strategic Plan took place as of May 9, 2022, and was presented to City Council on June 27, 2022. The update provides the status and trends of key indicators identified to measure the success of the Strategic Plan. It also includes the status of each of the 33 strategic actions from the Implementation Plan and an update on their progress. A follow-up report will be posted in November on the remaining outstanding items to be completed by the end of the Plan.

     Third Progress Update (Nov. 1, 2021):

    The third update on the Corporate Strategic Plan was conducted as of Nov. 1, 2021, and presented to City Council on Dec. 20, 2021. The update included progress on both the original Strategic Plan actions as well as actions from the City's Program & Services Review which were incorporated into the Revised Implementation Plan.

    Revised Implementation Plan & Second Progress Update (April 26, 2021):

    The Strategic Plan Implementation Plan was revised to incorporate approved strategic actions out of the City's Program & Services Review. The revised Implementation Plan and second semi-annual progress update was presented to City Council on June 28, 2021.

    Implementation Plan & First Progress Update (Sept. 30, 2020):

    The original Implementation Plan was presented October 26, 2020, together with the first semi-annual progress update.


    Our strategy

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    Provide civic leadership to advance mutual respect, equal opportunity and hope.

    1. Seek advice and work collaboratively with Indigenous partners to deepen relationships and further reconciliation.

    2. Fulfill our commitments to Indigenous and racialized persons under the Thunder Bay Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord.

    3. Collaborate with other institutions and partners in our city to articulate a shared vision.

    4. Provide opportunities for residents to express their civic pride.

    5. Further our commitments to sustainability and climate adaptation.


    Advance service excellence through a citizen focus and best use of technology.

    1: Conduct an independent review of the programs and services the City provides, how it provides them, and recommendations for what to maintain, change, reduce or enhance and propose changes to improve service.

    2: Support the review through a public engagement plan that engages stakeholders and considers the service needs of residents and customers along the spectrum from youth to older adults.

    3: Review points of contact with customers to identify better ways of serving the public that are inclusive and easy to use.

    4: Develop an open data platform to make it easier for interested users to engage with City data and create opportunities for engagement.

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    Focus on city building and social infrastructure to strengthen our economy, lifestyle and well being.

    1. Support and work with the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission in the execution of its 2019-2022 Strategic Action Plan and immigration pilot. Advocate to provincial, federal and industry leaders on economic opportunities and key priorities including retention of manufacturing jobs.

    2. Create a new community safety and well-being plan including a neighbourhood strategy to build capacity and support improvements led at the neighbourhood level.

    3. Develop key City infrastructure that builds capacity such as a new multi-use indoor sports facility, the first phase of the Waterfront Trail and a long-term plan for the replacement of Fort William Gardens.

    4. Support construction and opening of a new Thunder Bay Art Gallery to further the ongoing development of a vibrant cultural scene on the waterfront, with a strong economic base.

    5. Work with the business community to develop and implement a zoning by-law and policies and procedures that facilitate business growth through increased ease of doing business.


    Focus on essential infrastructure, revitalize our cores and enhance our Image Routes.

    1. Develop the asset management plan to reflect sustainability goals and make it available in plain language.

    2. Revitalize the downtown cores in partnership with stakeholders, with a special focus on strategic investments such as addressing the future of Victoriaville and initiatives that further community safety and well being.

    3. Rehabilitate Boulevard Lake Dam.

    4. Focus our beautification efforts to make significant progress on implementing the Image Route Plan.

    5. Promote, both inside and outside Thunder Bay, our many attractions, parks, facilities, services and innovative product development to encourage use.

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    The City of Thunder Bay is also guided by many other plans and policies including:


    City of Thunder Bay Official Plan
    Community Partnership Policy
    Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
    Long-Term Tax Strategy
    Mining Readiness Strategy
    Renew Thunder Bay Strategic Infrastructure Plan
    Synergy North Strategic Plan
    tbaytel Strategic Plan
    Thunder Bay Event Centre
    Tourism Marketing Product Development Plans


    Accessibility Plan
    Age Friendly City Services Action Plan
    Food Charter
    Healthy Canteen Menus
    Immigration Portal
    Indigenous Liaison Action Plan
    Inspire Thunder Bay Culture Plan
    Overcoming Racism and Discrimination: A Plan for Action
    Parks Planning
    Poverty Reduction Strategy
    Recreation and Facilities Master Plan
    respect. Initiative
    Senior Charter
    Strategic Master Fire Plan (In Development)
    Superior North EMS Strategic Plan (In Development)
    Thunder Bay Drug Strategy
    Thunder Bay and Area Food Strategy
    Transit Master Plan
    Transit Route Optimization Plan (In Development)


    Active Transportation Plan
    Clean Green and Beautiful Policy
    Climate Adaptation Strategy
    Corporate Energy Management Plan
    EarthCare Sustainability Plan
    Solid Waste Management Strategy
    Stormwater Master Plan
    Tax Sale Vesting Policy
    Transportation Master Plan
    Transportation Demand Management Plan
    Urban Design and Image Route Guidelines
    Urban Forest Management Plan


    Asset Management Plan
    Long-Term Financial Plan
    Multi-Year Corporate Review Process
    Public Engagement Framework
    Solid Waste Financial Plan
    Wastewater System Financial Plan
    Water Authority Financial Plan

    Key Indicators

    • Assessment growth
    • Building construction value & permits
    • Completion of projects
    • Quality of life rating
    • Satisfaction with services
    • Sense of belonging
    • Sense of safety rating
    • Value for tax dollars rating

    City Council

    Mayor Bill Mauro

    Albert Aiello, McIntyre Ward

    Mark Bentz, At Large

    Shelby Ch’ng, Northwood Ward

    Andrew Foulds, Current River Ward

    Cody Fraser, Neebing Ward

    Trevor Giertuga, At Large

    Brian Hamilton, McKellar Ward

    Rebecca Johnson, At Large

    Brian McKinnon, Red River Ward

    Kristen Oliver, Westfort Ward

    Aldo Ruberto, At Large

    Peng You, At Large

    Executive Management Team

    Norm Gale, City Manager

    Linda Evans, General Manager, Corporate Services & Long-Term Care/Treasurer

    Kerri Marshall, General Manager, Infrastructure & Operations

    Kelly Robertson, General Manager, Community Services

    Karen Lewis, General Manager, Development & Emergency Services

    Cynthia Olsen, Acting Director, Corporate Strategic Services

    Karie Ortgiese, Director, Human Resources & Corporate Safety

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