Our mission is to enhance the well-being of Thunder Bay's Aboriginal communities through the creation of a new civic relationship and partnership that promotes the full participation of Aboriginal citizens in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the community to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Thunder Bay.


The Aboriginal Liaison Unit is guided by direction from the community through planning sessions to set four-year work plans. We based our Aboriginal Liaison Strategy on research material that speaks to aboriginal people and community issues, and from focused discussions with municipal and Aboriginal leaders, administrators, service providers, community groups, Elders, youth and community members. These discussions have revealed our direction - Maamawe: All Together.

Responsibilities and roles

To realize the vision of togetherness, we met and defined the Corporation's responsibilities and roles as they relate to the Aboriginal community to help ensure we take the appropriate actions. Those are:


  • Creating an inclusive community
  • Providing programs and services that are accessible to Aboriginal people
  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Providing leadership
  • Providing/creating a safe community
  • Recognizing Aboriginal contributions to community life


  • Leader - to communicate and demonstrate commitment of our City Council to working closely with Aboriginal community
  • Partner - to support and recognize the work of the Aboriginal community by sharing expert knowledge, information, resources, and contributing to the creation of partnerships
  • Employer - to build a workforce that is reflective of Thunder Bay
  • Service Provider - increase Aboriginal participation in municipal services and programs by providing them in a culturally sensitive manner

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