Michelle Derosier, the Producer/Director, approached about 40 people from the city of Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation of various ages and backgrounds (indigenous and non-indigenous) to listen to their thoughts, concerns, and stories. Michelle wanted to discuss future hopes and aspirations for the community as well as examine the current challenges. She met with various youth, women, business owners, scholars, grassroots activists, researchers, leaders and community helpers. She connected with them through social media and word of mouth, or what she likes to call, the moccasin telegraph. Michelle felt it was extremely important to reach a broad, diverse cross-section of the community and Fort William First Nation from the beginning. This would gain honest, well-rounded perspectives on the issues facing both communities and the country as a whole.


The Walk-a-Mile Film Series was shot over a four-month period. There were 21 shooting days, which resulted in around 35-40 hours of footage.


The editing process took several months. The first step involved Michelle pouring through every second of footage, narrowing the selection of clips that would eventually make it into the final film. It was at this stage that she identified the main themes and messaging and grouped the content. From these selections, Dave Clement, Producer and co-writer, took over as the Supervising Editor. Working in both from Thunder Bay and later remotely from North Bay, he coordinated the efforts of the editing team, structured the series into its five parts, placed the visual narrative, arranged the music and carefully worked on every one of the thousands of edits in the film. Dave pulled it all together in the final edit, assisted by Sarah Furlotte and Josh de Haan (of 48th Parallel Productions), and Michelle Derosier in the editing process. Finally, the films had to be colour corrected, sound mixed, had titles added and exported to the various file types viewers can access today.

Final thoughts from the filmmaker

"Putting it together was a huge task, given the short time frame and small crew that worked on the series. However, it is our hope that we have created something that contributes to bringing about positive social change in our community, our region and our nation." - Michelle Derosier 

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