We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these cats and more, and find the pet that is right for you.

LadybugStriped Lady Bug Female Cat

Lady Bug is beautiful girl who loves to be pet. She particularly enjoys neck and behind the ear scratches. Lady Bug would likely do best in a home as the only cat surrounded by older children and adults. She has a relaxed personality and often enjoys doing her own cat thing. Lady Bug is spayed and around two years old. Come give this pretty girl some love and see if she is the right fit for your forever home!





Smokey is a sweet Siamese we guarantee anyone would fall in love with. This big fella is a complete snuggle bug who enjoys lap cuddles and pets. When he's not getting attention from humans, Smokey can be found relaxing on top of a cat tree or enthusiastically playing with cat toys. Smokey is neutered and likely around a year old. He sometimes gives love nibbles so he would likely do better in a home with older children and adults. We absolutely adore this handsome man and hope he finds a very special forever home soon!



Clover is such a sweet and loving girl. She adores pets and will crawl up on a lap and rub her head into hands for scratches. Clover loves food and will raid other cats' kennels for snacks. She would likely do best in a home with older children and adults since she has given the occasional love bite. Clover is spayed and likely around two to three years old. Come spend some time with this lovely lady and we bet you will see she is the perfect feline friend for this cold winter season.



Terry is somewhat of a shy fella, but when gently approached, he is very sweet. Give him some time, and some soft scratches, and this guy will soon warm up. Terry likes pets and doesn't seem to mind getting attention for good amounts of time. He also enjoys exploring when it's quiet and shows interest in cat toys. Terry is neutered and likely between two to four years old. We bet Terry will soon come out of his shell, and when he does, we know he's going to be one great cat companion.



Amelia is a gentle, loving girl who adores being pet. This sweetheart will rub her head into hands and purr while she is being cuddled. Amelia would probably prefer a quiet home since she is most often found relaxing in her cat bed instead of venturing out. Amelia is spayed and likely over three years old. If you're looking for a forever cuddle bug, please come spend some time with adorable Amelia!



Evelyn is a beautiful girl who enjoys relaxing on top of a cat house and receiving pets from people. She would probably do best in a quiet adult only home as the only cat. Evelyn is spayed and likely over three years old.



Jessica is our little cross-eyed cutie. This dainty girl loves following people around and rubbing up against legs for pets. Jessica also enjoys hanging out in a comfy chair. She would probably appreciate a low traffic home with older children and adults. Jessica is spayed and likely three years old.



Huckleberry is a very special guy. He is a friendly boy, but is often shy around people he doesn't know. Give him some time and we guarantee Huckleberry will be coming around for pets. He particularly likes to crawl on laps and purr and he won't refuse an interesting looking toy mouse to play with if there's one on hand. We noticed Huckleberry gets along with other cats. He would possibly do best in a quiet home; one with older children and adults since he sometimes likes to nibble. Huckleberry is neutered and likely around three years old. Anyone who has met this handsome man has fallen for him fast so come pay Huckleberry a visit and see if he is the right feline companion for you!



Buster is a fluffy fella looking for his forever home. He can often be found between blankets which makes us believe he would likely do well in a quiet home or at least one that will appreciate his laid-back personality. When he's not in his homemade cat cave, Buster enjoys exploring the room and rubbing up against people for pets. He does well on his own or out with his feline friends. Buster is neutered and likely around two to three years old. If you're part of the black cat fan club or just looking for that perfect friend, come meet Buster!



Amelia - she had us at "Meow"! This prerrty little tabby is likely around three years old and she has already been spayed. If you are looking for a laid back cat to call your own, then come down to the shelter and check Amelia out today!



Buster is adorable. Long hair, intense eyes, a great listener. A cat you can trust with your secrets. Buster is friendly and affectionate and likely two or three years old. If you are looking for a lovely black cat, come down to visit Buster today!  

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