We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these cats and more, and find the pet that is right for you.


Brown Tabby

Dixie can be shy at first, but if you sit down, it won’t be long before she starts crawling all over you. Dixie loves going after cat toys and enjoys the company of other cats. This curious kitty is spayed and likely around eight months old. Dixie might do better in a home without young children. If you’re looking to add to your current cat family, consider adopting Dixie! 

Sean Connelly

black and white

Sean Connelly is quite the character.  This three year old boy is very playful. He is fond of cat toys, particularly his pink mouse which he often carries around in his mouth. He has been with us since June and is ready for a home with snuggles, playtime and lots of cat-love! If you are looking for a cuddle buddy then Sean Connelly might be the right fit for you.


black and white

Maxine is a sweet, gentle, shy girl. She is likely around six months old and has been spayed. Maxine may take a little time to adjust, but with patience and love we think she will develop strong bonds with her people. This little girl has been out of her kennel playing the easy going male cats, without any problems (what a flirt)! She is curious about cat toys. If you can give Maxine a nice quiet home, come down for a visit today! 



orange tabby white

Jean is a precious friendly one year old neutered male. This adorable little guy has a gentle and loving personality. He loves pets and will purr non-stop. Jean marches on one spot and will even crawl up on your lap to lick your face and fingers. How can you resist this handsome little guy? If you would like to get to know Jean, come for a visit today!


 Tabby Cat

Jeanie can be shy if she doesn't know you, but once she is comfortable, she adores neck scratches and pushes her head into your hand for more. Jeanie is likely 1-2 years old. She may do best in an adult home without other cats. If you are interested in this pretty girl, come for a visit today!




Edward is a young cat who was shy when he first came to the shelter, but has since shown to be a fun-loving cat. His favourite pastimes include running around the room and playing with pipe-cleaners and cat toys until it's time to relax. Edward gets along with other cats and he also likes pets, scratches and sometimes snuggles. This sweet boy is neutered and likely around six months old. Edward would love to find a home where he can live his best cat life full of room to play and tons of love!



Misty seems to be somewhat of an independent girl who enjoys pets while relaxing on her cat bed. She has been out with the majority of the cats in the room; however she prefers to be tucked into a cozy cat house.

Cheese Nip

orange tabby

Cheese Nip is a friendly young cat who loves attention. This little man enjoys pets from people, exploring the cat room and hanging out with his feline friends. Cheese Nip is neutered, likely around ten months old and 100% adorable. Find out more about Cheese Nip by visiting our shelter!

tabby with white

Maccabee is looking for a best friend to talk to. This sweet fella enjoys pets and frequently rubs against people for love. Maccabee enjoys hanging out somewhere in the room. Maccabee is neutered and likely around 18 months old. You will definitely need to come see this handsome man for yourself!

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