We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these cats and more, and find the pet that is right for you.

Priscilla & Lisa Marie

black cats

Priscilla loves pets and scratches; she purrs and rolls over on her back while her BFF Lisa Marie is a little on the shy side, particularly when meeting new people. Don't get me wrong, Lisa Marie also enjoys pets and scratches, but it may take her a little longer to warm up to people. Both of these gorgeous felines have relaxed personalities and both enjoy snuggling together in the same cat bed. These two girls are a bonded pair, making it easy to adopt two cats who get along perfectly. If you are interested in Priscilla and Lisa Marie, come check them out today!



Pixie is a beauty! She gets along with other cats when she is out in the adoption room. Pixie likes pets, but only on her own terms. She is probably about a year old and has already been spayed. Pixie would be best suited in a home with adults where she can spend the day enjoying a nice quiet nap in the sunlight. If you would like to meet Pixie, come down to Animal Services today!


Sugar & Spice

sugar & spice

Sugar & Spice and all things nice with these two lovely ladies. Sugar & Spice are two friendly, outgoing cats. They love pets and scratches, and will often purr while receiving attention. The two enjoy exploring the cat room together and have been out with other cats. Come meet these two cuties! We bet it will be hard to pass up this precious pair.


Tabby Cat

Jeanie adores neck scratches and pushes her head into your hand for more. Jeanie is likely 1-2 years old. She may do best in an adult home without other cats. If you are interested in this pretty girl, come for a visit today!



Olivia is a homebody. She likes the comfort of her kennel and cat bed. She does love pets and scratches and when she is happy and content, she will make biscuits. Olivia will gently push her head into your hands asking for more pets. We think Olivia would do best in an adult home. If you think you can give Olivia the home she deserves, come by for a visit today!



This is Beau! This handsome guy will whisper his affection through head bunting and chirping. He adores scratches, belly rubs and cuddles, and will purr the entire time. Beau has a very relaxed personality and when left alone, he can always be found relaxing in a cat bed. Beau is 5 years old and has already been neutered. We think the world of this sweet and loving guy. If you would like to get to know Beau, come for a visit today!



Sonya has a reputation for being playful. Like her brother Roger, she loves to run, jump and play in tunnels and boxes, exploring the world around her. She loves feathers, balls and moving objects. Sonya is 3 1/2 months old and would make a great family pet. If you would like to see this darling in action, come down for a visit today!



Tulip is a very gentle sweet girl! This 12 month old beauty is very affectionate. She loves pets and will at times, meow for attention. Tulip seems to love the comfort of her kennel the most and is often seen relaxing in her cat bed. Tulip does stick her head out of the kennel to greet people and receive pets. If you would like to get to know Tulip, please come by for a visit today!



Sawyer is a 2-3 year old shy, sweet boy. We know he has spent some time outdoors and would love a rural indoor/outdoor home. Sawyer would not only make a loveable addition to any family, he'd help out with yard work by keeping the mouse population down. If you are looking for a "working cat", come down to visit Sawyer today!



Marigold is a young, bashful girl. It's taken awhile to earn her trust. If she considers you a friend then she'll shower you with affection. A quiet home would help her blossom into the sweetheart we know she is. If you'd like to meet this pretty young cat, come down for a visit today!



Fern is a 3 year old lovely lady. She's content to lounge in her bed but more than happy to get up for a snack. If you're looking for a buddy to watch tv with, she's ready to hang out with you. Fern will agree that commercials are meant for replenishing the popcorn and temptations. If you think you can give Fern the home she deserves, come for a visit today!


brown tabby

Milton is an 18 month old charming young boy. If his good nature doesn't grab your attention, his beautiful green eyes will. Simply put, Milton is a wonderful cat. He's ready to have a family to call his own. If you'd like to meet Milton, come down for a visit today!



Oh Olivia! Let us inroduce Priscilla and Lisa Marie's sister. This dainty little girl is still very unsure of the world. However, she's made great progress learning to trust her caregivers. You know she loves you when she'll reach out to tap your hand for more pets and she doesn't want you to stop. Olivia would love to find a person just as quiet as she is. Even better, if you're in the market for 3 cats, her sisters could join her.They'd be the quietest three musketeers ever! If you'd like to meet Olivia, please come down for a visit today! 



Felix, a 9 month old handsome boy. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. His claim to fame is sitting in the sink and drinking from the tap. Felix has an easy going personality which makes him a shoe in for any family. If you'd like to meet Felix, come down for a visit.


orange tabby

Kevin is a big 15 month old boy full of character and personality. If you like big, strong cats with a gentle demeanour, this is your boy. Come meet our Mr. Wonderful today!

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