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We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these cats and more, and find the pet that is right for you.



Walter is a good cat and great pal to have around. This handsome guy loves pets. He's a cat that tends to like to be on the move, so he may not be interested in lap snuggles; instead he will rub up against people and purr while being pet. When he's not exploring or eating treats, Walter likes to relax in cat beds or chairs. He also gets along with other cats. Walter is neutered and around three years old. He has a distinct personality that we truly adore. We hope he finds a loving home that will see it too.


tabby with white

Goldie is a sweet senior boy who would love to find his true forever home. Goldie appreciates such things as rubbing against people for pets and taking naps in his cat bed. He also gets along with the other cats in the room. Goldie is neutered. His adoption fee is our senior rate of $50 (+ tax + City licence = $71.50). If you're interested in giving this handsome fella lots of love and scratches into his golden years, please come see him at our shelter!


Lady Bug


Lady Bug is a beautiful girl who loves to be pet. She particularly enjoys neck and behind the ear scratches. Lady Bug would likely do best around older children and adults. She has been a bit shy around other cats, but has become more outgoing lately. Lady Bug is spayed and around two years old. Come give this pretty girl some love and see if she is the right fit for your forever home!

James Dean


James Dean is a lilac point ragdoll. He's the new kid on the block. This gorgeous guy has a long silky coat and blue eyes. His docile temperament and affectionate nature is sure to win you over. If you are interested in giving this beauty a forever home, come down for a visit today!



Terry is somewhat of a shy fella, but when gently approached, he is very sweet. Give him some time, and some soft scratches, and this guy will soon warm up. Terry likes pets and doesn't seem to mind getting attention for good amounts of time. He also enjoys exploring when it's quiet and shows interest in cat toys. Terry is neutered and likely between two to four years old. We bet Terry will soon come out of his shell, and when he does, we know he's going to be one great cat companion.



Blondie is a very special girl who we absolutely adore. This precious little peach has a gentle personality. She loves pets and scratches and will push her head into hands while she purrs. Blondie also enjoys relaxing in her cat bed. We know Blondie would prefer a quiet home. She will likely also need someone who is patient while she adjusts to a new space. Blondie is spayed, and since she is seven years old, her adoption fee is our senior rate of $50 (+tax+ City licence). We can't wait for Blondie to find an amazing home that will make sure she lives her best cat life with unlimited love and a lot of pets; she certainly deserves it!




Honey Bee


We are lucky to have a cat as great as Honey Bee at our shelter. This affectionate lady loves pets and will curl up and ask for belly rubs and make biscuits while she purrs. Honey Bee is spayed and likely over seven years old. Her adoption fee is our senior rate of $50 (+ tax + City licence = $71.50). We don't believe anyone could pass up the opportunity to have sweet little Honey Bee in their home. Don't miss your chance at adopting a well-deserving senior that is as beautiful as our little Honey Bee!



Francies is a shy and quiet girl. She prefers to be curled up in her comfy cat bed most of the time. When gently approached, Francis seems to enjoy head scratches and will reach out with her paws to say hello. Francis is spayed and around two years old. Based on her character, we believe she would prefer a quiet home. We can't wait for Francis to come out of her shell; we have a feeling this beautiful girl will be a real gem when she does.



There are two words to describe David: purr machine. He absolutely loves to be pet and may in fact win the award for most affectionate cat currently at our shelter. David will follow humans around, rub against legs and jump on laps just to get some love. He also enjoys licking fingers, and will sometimes give them a little nibble, too. This handsome man can often be found making biscuits while he purrs, and he'll likely never pass up the opportunity to eat some tasty treats. David is neutered and around two years old. We find this fella so very endearing, and we bet whoever adopts him will have a fantastic feline friend for life!



Marigold is a young, bashful girl. It's taken awhile to earn her trust. If she considers you a friend then she'll shower you with affection. A quiet home would help her blossom into the sweetheart we know she is. If you'd like to meet this pretty young cat, come down for a visit today!





Hetty has come out of her shell since first arriving at our shelter. She has become more outgoing and now enjoys exploring our room with the other cats and chasing cat toys every so often.. Hetty is sometimes sassy with her feline friends; however, this little girl is all talk. She really enjoys pets from humans and rubbing herself into hands to get the perfect scratch. Hetty is spayed and likely around nine to ten months old. If you are thinking about adding to your existing cat family or just want a kitty all to yourself, please pay Hetty a visit at our shelter!




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