We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these dogs and more, and find the pet that is right for you.




Henrietta is a very happy and energetic dog. She adores people and loves pets and belly rubs. Henrietta also enjoys running around and playing fetch with a ball. She gets very excited when offered a treat and will happily sit and give a paw when one is offered. Henrietta is spayed, weighs 42 lbs and is likely around eight months old. She seems to prefer people over other dogs and cats. Henrietta will guard things she holds dear to her heart. Her new owner should be prepared to work with her so she can overcome this behaviour.  We adore this spunky sweetheart and we hope she finds a loving home where she can live her best doggy life.



Brandi is a sweetheart. This champion snuggler is fantastic with people. She loves being outdoors and going for walks. Brandi is athletic, intelligent, gentle and sweet. Brandi suffers from separation anxiety, a disorder that is triggered when she is separated from the people she is bonded to. This makes her extremely upset causing  her to panic when she is left indoors alone. Unfortunately, things have been stacked against this precious girl. She has been in and out of our shelter and changed ownership several times, through no fault of her own. Brandi doesn't just need an owner, she needs a person who can love a dog and experience the most honest, pure and unconditional relationship a human can have. She needs a champion, someone who is either retired or working from home, has lots of patience and is willing to work with her. Brandi is content outdoors and we think she would thrive in a country setting where she can regularly enjoy the outdoor space. If you love a challenge and you are the type of person that can turn lemons into lemonade, then Brandi may be the dog for you. Come down to Animal Services to visit Brandi today!




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