We welcome visitors. Come by the Animal Service Centre, 882 Alloy Pl., to see these dogs and more, and find the pet that is right for you.




Gumby is too sweet for words. He loves being around people, giving kisses and getting pets. He also loves lap cuddles and belly rubs. Without a doubt, Gumby loves to explore, but he is also content curled up on a doggy blanket. This goofy guy is very food motivated and will sit and give a paw for treats. He sometimes gets into mischief, but we can't help but love him for that. Gumby is neutered, weighs 76 lbs and is likely around a year old. He would be a fantastic addition to any family, or for someone who is looking for a loving canine companion. Gumby has stolen the hearts of all the staff here at Animal Services and we bet he will do the same to you!



Barnum is a big and happy dog. This goofy boy loves to run around. Being very high energy, Barnum enjoys chasing after balls, but he still hasn't mastered the art of bringing them back. Barnum loves dog treats and will sit nicely for them. When walked through the cat room, he seemed cautious around cats. We're unsure how Barnum feels about other dogs so we encourage a doggy meet and greet for new dog friends. Barnum is neutered, weighs 78 lbs and is likely around a year old. He would do best in an active home; one that will give him the exercise he needs. If you would like to see if Barnum is the right fit for your home, come by our shelter today!

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