The City of Thunder Bay's Animal Services protects public safety and promotes a community where residents and animals can coexist. Learn about our different events, visit one of our off-leash dog parks free of charge, or join us for our next Chip-a-Thon, where we implant a microchip on your pet to keep it safe. 

Pet licences

If you own a dog or cat in the City of Thunder Bay, you must have a pet licence. Learn how to apply or renew your licence.

Adopt a pet

Please consider adopting a cat or adopting a dog and adding a loyal and loving animal to your life. View the pets we have for adoption at the Animal Services Centre.

Lost and found pets

Find your stray cat or stray dog, which could be sheltered at Animal Services because they were found at large.

Help us support shelter pets

Help us by donating different toys and items for our shelter pets. Without stimulation and support, animals feel bored or anxious. This can lead to the development of behaviour and health problems.

Urban wildlife

Learn about our Urban Wildlife Control, preventative measures and what to do when encountering a wild animal.

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