When Building or Renovating a Home, specific forms are needed to apply for a Building and Plumbing Permit, or Demolition Permit.

Building Permit application forms

Building/demolition/plumbing permit application form

Schedule 1 (BCIN designer information) form - required by homeowner or designer depending on project

Building Permit application checklists

Residential building permit application checklist

Commercial building permit application checklist

Applicable law checklist (required with every application)

Building Permit fees

Current fee schedule

Residential permit fee calculation sheet

Building Permit information brochures



Single family house

Residential accessory buildings (garage/shed)

Residential basement finishing

Residential decks

Residential solid burning fuel appliances (wood/pellet stoves)

Residential building/plumbing inspection

Industrial/commercial/institutional/larger residential

Large/complex buildings (new construction and additions)

Large/complex buildings (renovations or alterations)

Large/complex buildings (required drawings)



Residential well (water supply)

2012 building code changes



Cross Connection Assessment form

Backflow Prevention Device Test Report form


Building Permit application supplemental forms/notices

Clearance from electrical power lines diagram

Deck construction form

Detached Garage/Shed Design form

Drawing standards

Enbridge excavations (call before you dig) and eNOP

Energy efficiency prescriptive design form

Energy efficiency performance design form

Heritage approval committee

Letter of authorization

Notice of Change Application

Plumbing information form

Pool fence by-law handout

Pool fence information form

Residential mechanical system design form

Water well document package

Water well quantity test form

Architects and engineers design/review forms

Letter of understanding and commitment review

Architect/engineer general review/commitment certificate

Combined understanding review commitment certificate (single page alternate to two preceding forms)

Demolition permit application supplemental forms/notices

Demolition - supplemental information form

Habitat for humanity (recycling/donations)

Ministry of environment, notice to contractors (infractions/fines)

ZWAT Recycling fact sheet

Sewer and Water demolition disconnection fee

Inspection requirements and supplemental notices

Notices of inspection (one and two family homes)

Notices of inspection (more than two residential units and commercial projects)

Notice of inspection small residential projects/demolitions

Residential HRV balancing report

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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