You can apply for a building permit online for the projects listed below. You submit the applicable form package and any additional required information as listed below.

Backflow prevention project

When you add or remove a backflow prevention device on your plumbing system you need a building permit.

Basement finishing project

When you finish your basement (even just adding a new bathroom) you need a building permit.

Deck project

When you build a new deck that is attached to the house or, not attached to the house but more than 2'-0" (0.60m) above grade, you need a building permit.

Demolition project

When you demolish an existing building or structure on your property that is bigger than 10M2 (108sq.ft.) you need a building permit.

Residential detached garage/shed project

When you build a detached garage or shed on your property that is more than 15 m² (162 ft²) you need a Building Permit. A recent code amendment exempts sheds up to 15 m² from requiring a building permit. 


Interim Amendments to the 2012 Building code exempts sheds up to 15 square metres in area from requiring a building permit, provided the shed:

  • Is not more than one storey in building height
  • Is not attached to a building or any other structure
  • Is used only for storage purposes ancillary to a principal building on the lot, and
  • Does not have plumbing.

As per Ontario Regulation 451/22


You need the following for a Building Permit for an accessory building: 

Simple plumbing project

When you are installing new plumbing fixtures in your house (completely new installation, not replacement of existing fixtures) or relocating existing fixtures you need a Building Permit for plumbing.

Swimming pool fence project

You need a swimming pool fence for any swimming pool that is more than 24" deep. Before installing your pool, you need a Pool Fence Permit for the construction of a new fence or to confirm your existing fence meets the requirements of the pool fence by-law.

Submit your application

Once you have all of the information required for your online application, fill out and save the forms to your computer, and scan in all other required forms/documentation.

When you are ready to submit your building permit application:

  1. Complete the online application screen
  2. Submit payment for requested permit(s)
  3. After the payment is processed, upload your permit application and any supporting documents
  4. You will receive a receipt at the end of the submission.

Submit Completed Application Package


If you require a PDF in an accessible format, contact our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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