Please note: Online applications for Driveway Permits are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. To apply, please visit Engineering & Operations on the second floor of the Victoriaville Civic Centre, or call (807) 625-2267.

Driveway installations are controlled by the City Driveway Control Policy No. 11-02-04. The Policy outlines many of the requirements related to the location and construction of driveways, as well as information requirements related to submitting the application.

To ensure a smooth application process it is recommended applicants follow this checklist.

Before applying for a Driveway Permit

1. Review the Driveway Construction Standards
Total driveways allowed for a lot
  • one DRIVEWAY for the first 16.0m (52.5ft) of frontage
  • one additional DRIVEWAY from 16.0m (52.5ft) to 31.0m (101.7ft) of frontage
  • one additional DRIVEWAY if the lot has 31m to 50m (164 ft) total frontage

(Note) For a LOT with multiple DRIVEWAYS, a minimum distance of 6.0m, measured at the property line is required between DRIVEWAYS.

Widths allowed for driveways

Maximum width of DRIVEWAY at the Property Line:
  • 6.0 metres for DWELLINGS
  • 9.0 metres for all other USES

Maximum width of DRIVEWAY at the STREET:
  • 6.0 metres for streets with curb and 9.0 metres for streets without curb
  • 12.0 metres for all other USES

Other Criteria for Driveway Construction
  • For corner lots at intersections, driveway accesses onto the lot must be located a minimum of 9.0m away from the street intersection, measured from the property line.
  • The DRIVEWAY shall intersect with the STREET at a right (90º) angle, except that where conditions warrant, the DRIVEWAY may be permitted to intersect at less than a right (90º) angle, but not less than a sixty (60º) angle.
  • Driveways for residential use must not exceed 6.0m in width measured at the front property line or 50% of the lot width, whichever is less. (The property line is typically located 5.0m from the back of concrete curb).
  • Minimum 50% of the front yard setback (typically 6.0m) must consist of landscaped open space. This means that on private property (beyond the 5.0m from the curb), the driveway cannot exceed 50% of the lot width (i.e. for a 15m wide lot, the maximum driveway width on private property would be 7.5m).
  • Edge of driveway to be a minimum of 3.0m away from transformer and boulevard trees, and a minimum of 1.0m away from hydrants, street light poles, and communication pedestals.
2. Review the Driveway Permit Application Instructions

The Driveway Application Process involves the following steps:
  1. Submission and review of the Application Package which includes completed application, sketch and insurance.
  2. Pre-installation field inspection by Municipal Staff.
  3. Approval of the application showing owner/applicant is in conformance with an approved Site Plan and Municipal requirements/specifications
  4. Issuance of final driveway permit.
  5. Installation of the proposed driveway ensuring conformance with an approved Site Plan and Municipal requirements/specifications.
  6. Final site inspection to confirm proper construction of entrance. It is the responsibility of the applicant to call the Engineering Office once the driveway modification is completed.

Entrance Design Requirements
Entrances must be designed in accordance with the requirements contained herein as well as accepted Engineering Standards and specifications per Provincial and Municipal guidelines.

Application fee is $35.00 (HST included) and is payable with submission of application package. If all required forms are not submitted or incomplete, this may delay the review of your application. City of Thunder Bay Infrastructure & Operations 111 Syndicate Avenue South, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6S4 Tel: 807-625-2266; Fax: 807-625-3588


Application packages that are submitted online must include the following:
  • Completed Driveway Application
  • Sketch/Site plan indicating entrance location □ Location marked on site
  • Insurance documents:
    • If a Contractor is constructing the driveway, a completed City of Thunder Bay “Certificate of Insurance” form is required.
    • If you, as the owner, are constructing the driveway, a completed “Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement” form combined with a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy confirming $2,000,000 liability coverage.
  • If you recently purchased the property, a copy of a land transfer tax or deed indicating you as the owner will be required.
  • If applying for property you do not own, a Letter of Authorization from owner is required.

Sketch / Site Plan to Include:
  • Location of proposed driveway, property limits, any building(s) on property
  • Any other entrances on property
  • Distances between existing and proposed driveways
  • Indicate features such as intersections, curves, utilities, trees*

*NOTE: Trees on municipal property are protected under By-law 008-2005 and will not be removed or affected except under exceptional circumstances with the approval of the General Manager of Infrastructure & Operations, or their designate in accordance with By-law 008-2005. In those exceptional circumstances, the applicant will be responsible for the full costs associated with any tree removal, tree stump grinding and replacement of trees with two sixty (60) millimeter caliper trees ($500 per tree) and maintenance of the same, in accordance with By-law 008-2005. The replacement species and proposed locations will be determined in accordance with By-law 008-2005.

Application Review and Approval
Applications will be reviewed by Municipal staff for completion and compliance. A site inspection by Municipal staff will normally be performed within 10 business days of following receipt of completed application. Requirements for culverts, curb cuts or other work will be determined during the site inspection.

If requested, applicants will be notified by phone when their application has been approved. As noted on the application, the approved permit can be mailed to the applicant or can be picked up at our office.
3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why are there driveways wider than 6m on my street
The current driveway policy allows for a maximum of 6m at the curb. Many driveways were constructed prior to this policy so those driveways were exempt.
2. Can my driveway be right at the edge of my property?
Yes, your driveway can be adjacent to your property line. Owner is responsible for ensuring accurate property line. Failure could result in cost of restoration.
3. Can my driveway be beside my neighbour’s driveway?
Yes, there are many adjoined driveways throughout the City.
4. Can I put my driveway on an easement?
Yes you can. However, be aware that utility companies have the right to perform work in these easements which could result in a disturbance to your driveway. However, restoration cost is the responsibility of the utility company.
5. Can I flare out my driveway in front of my neighbour’s property?
If the street has curb and gutter, then no. However, on a street with no curb and gutter, a flare to match the edge of pavement may end up slightly in front of the neighbouring property.
6. Why can’t I flare out my driveway exceeding the 6m?
If a street has curb and gutter, the city does not allow more than 6m at the curb. This distance was decided taking lot sizes, parking and snow storage into consideration.
7. Can I build my own driveway?
Yes, as long as you complete and sign the Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement and submit proof of your valid insurance policy with $2M liability coverage.

Completing your Driveway Permit application

  1. Prepare a sketch/site plan
    • Please attach a sketch or drawing showing your property and the location of the proposed entrance and any other features. Include dimensions.
    • Property should be clearly marked with stakes for inspection purposes.
    • Prior to construction, underground utility locates must be obtained by the person/Contractor performing the work. If existing overhead utilities (telephone, hydro etc.) are present at the location of the driveway, the owner is responsible for contacting the utility companies to verify that clearances to overhead wires are acceptable.
    • View a sample sketch/site plan
    • View an alternate sample sketch/site plan
  2. Upload a copy of completed Insurance Documents - Driveway permits that involve construction to be performed on the City street allowance require proof of insurance, submitted either by the applicant/home owner if they are doing the work themselves, or by the Contractor performing the work. Homeowners must submit a copy of their homeowner's insurance policy showing $2 million general liability insurance coverage and must also sign and submit a hold harmless agreement. Contractors must submit a Contractor certificate of insurance form with the appropriate work type and location description. The City maintains a list of all Contractors who have submitted insurance for the year.
  3. Upload a copy of Hold Harmless form
  4. Upload a copy of Land Transfer Tax/Deed
  5. Upload a copy of completed Letter of Authorization

If you experience any issues or need assistance with the application process contact the City of Thunder Bay Engineering Department - 807-625-2266

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