Driveway installations are controlled by the City Driveway Control Policy No. 11-02-04. The Policy outlines many of the requirements related to the location and construction of driveways, as well as information requirements related to submitting the application.

To ensure a smooth application process it is recommended applicants follow this checklist.

Before applying for a Driveway Permit

  1. Review the Driveway Construction Standards.
  2. Review the Driveway Permit Application Instructions 
  3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Completing your Driveway Permit application

  1. Prepare a sketch/site plan
    • Please attach a sketch or drawing showing your property and the location of the proposed entrance and any other features. Include dimensions.
    • Property should be clearly marked with stakes for inspection purposes.
    • Prior to construction, underground utility locates must be obtained by the person/Contractor performing the work. If existing overhead utilities (telephone, hydro etc.) are present at the location of the driveway, the owner is responsible for contacting the utility companies to verify that clearances to overhead wires are acceptable.
    • View a sample sketch/site plan
    • View an alternate sample sketch/site plan
  2. Upload a copy of completed Insurance Documents - Driveway permits that involve construction to be performed on the City street allowance require proof of insurance, submitted either by the applicant/home owner if they are doing the work themselves, or by the Contractor performing the work. Homeowners must submit a copy of their homeowner's insurance policy showing $2 million general liability insurance coverage and must also sign and submit a hold harmless agreement. Contractors must submit a Contractor certificate of insurance form with the appropriate work type and location description. The City maintains a list of all Contractors who have submitted insurance for the year.
  3. Upload a copy of Hold Harmless form
  4. Upload a copy of Land Transfer Tax/Deed
  5. Upload a copy of completed Letter of Authorization

Submit your application

Payment can be made online via credit card upon completion of the application. 


If you experience any issues or need assistance with the application process contact the City of Thunder Bay Engineering Department - 807-625-2266


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