To promote the wise use of energy and the transition to a carbon-neutral future.

Why it matters

We all require energy to live and work. Using energy wisely results in many benefits such as reduced home and business operating costs and a cleaner environment.

All forms of energy have environmental impacts, especially those produced from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels impact our air and water quality, as well as produce greenhouse gas emissions impacting our climate. Significant greenhouse gas emissions contribute to rising temperatures, severe weather, and melting of glaciers.

It is important to reduce our use of fossil fuels, to build a green energy future and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Communities can focus on the conservation, efficiency, and increased use of renewable energy sources.


  • By 2020, total municipal operations energy consumption (GJ) is 20% below 2009 levels and total community energy consumption (GJ) is 20% below 2009 levels.
  • By 2020, use renewable energy to meet demand.

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