Thunder Bay entrepreneur Natalie Carrier realized the need for quality, unique baby clothing and accessories when she was pregnant with her son.

Natalie Carrier - Lullaby's BoutiqueToday, she runs Northwestern Ontario’s only baby boutique, Lullaby’s, which specializes in baby and children’s clothing, maternity, and nursing.

Natalie took some time to talk to the CEDC more about herself, and her entrepreneurial journey, for Small Business Week.

  • What started you on the entrepreneurial journey (who/what inspired you?) 
    • When I was pregnant with my son, I started looking at baby clothes and did not love the quality of the chain stores, nor the fact that they weren't unique. I was introduced to a few amazing baby/children's boutiques, and was inspired to one day own my own children's boutique. My son is my inspiration, always. When the opportunity arose to open a baby boutique in Thunder Bay, I jumped at the chance.
  • Where did you turn for assistance/mentoring? 
    • I first turned to the CEDC and worked closely with Ryan Moore. He was extremely helpful in providing me with steps to take, templates to follow, and people to help me on my journey. I have also turned to Paro for some additional assistance.
  • What were some of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned along the way? 
    • I have learned that things fall into place when the timing is right, and dreams can become a reality when you put your mind to it and surround yourself with the right people. I have also realized that you can truly do it all.
  • Why Thunder Bay?
    • I grew up here. After being away, traveling the world for 10 years, I came back and unexpectedly set down roots here.
  • What advice would you give to someone who’s just started - or thinking of starting - their entrepreneurial journey? 
    • Definitely go to the CEDC and get all the information and resources you possibly can.
  • What was something that was unexpected in this journey? 
    • I was surprised by the number of like-minded individuals I have met in both planning and executing my business, and again now that the store is finally open. While I knew there was a need in the community for high-quality, unique children's clothing, I was not fully expecting the positive buzz surrounding Lullaby's.
  • What was the greatest moment in this journey? 
    • Honestly, the greatest 'moment' was a collection of moments of everything kind of working out and falling into place all at once.
  • If you could be a food, which would it be? 
    • Well, my store is high-quality comfort, so in sticking with that theme, I would probably say Barbecupid's Pulled Pork Sandwich, or maybe the super sweet high-quality macaroons from Little Dulcina's. It's a toss-up.
  • What is your business’ short pitch? 
    • If you are looking for style, comfort, and quality for your little ones, this is the place for you!

To find out more about Lullaby’s Boutique, visit, or drop by the store at 21 Cumberland Street S.

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