The Public is invited to participate in a Public Meeting before City Council to consider an application for a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, Consent to Sever, and Plan of Condominium at 179 Frederica Street East.

Submit written comments, by emailing, no later than April 12, 2023. Please quote the file number, Z-10-2022, in your submission. Copies of all correspondence will eventually be forwarded to City Council and to the applicant. Your comments will be considered in the evaluation of the application and used to prepare a recommendation to City Council.

Lands subject to the application

The subject property is known as 179 Frederica Street East and is located west of Ford Street on the north side of Frederica Street, as shown on the key map on page 3 of this notice.

Currently there are two six-unit apartments on the property that share a parking area, small shed, and garage in the rear yard. The subject lands are zoned UL – Urban Low-rise Zone and designated as Residential in the Official Plan. Low-rise residential uses surround the property, and a motor service shop is located east of the property at the corner of Frederica Street and Ford Street. To the west, along Frederica Street, is the Westfort Village business area which includes a range of commercial uses.

The subject lands are not subject to any other application under the Planning Act at this time.


Purpose and effect of the application

1. Recognize the existing buildings on the subject lands by amending the Zoning By-law on the subject lands as follows:

  • Redefine that a “lot” means the property location shown on page 3 of this notice
  • For the existing apartment buildings:

               i. The minimum lot frontage is 31 metres
               ii. The maximum number of homes is 12 per lot
               iii. The maximum number of main buildings is two

  •  For all accessory buildings and roofed structures, the maximum gross floor area (GFA) is 168 square metres.

2. Sever two new parcels of land each containing one of the existing apartment buildings. The retained parcel will contain the shared driveway, parking area, and accessory buildings.

3. Create a common element condominium comprised of two Parcels of Tied Land (severed parcels) each containing one of the existing apartment buildings and one common element (retained parcel) containing the shared driveway, parking area, and accessory buildings.

If approved, the effect of this amendment would be to create a common element condominium that allows each existing apartment building to be held in separate ownership while continuing to share the common driveway, parking area, and accessory buildings.

The applicant's site sketch is below. 


Additional information

Additional information and material about this application is currently available upon request by contacting The recommendation report to City Council will be available for viewing at a later date.

If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Thunder Bay City Council on the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, Consent to Sever, and/or Plan of Condominium, you must submit a written request to

Copies of all comments will be forwarded to City Council and to the Applicant. The collection of personal information including names and contact information provided in written submissions is made under the authority of the Planning Act for the purpose of creating a Public Record. Personal information is collected in compliance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


If you have any questions about this notice including appeal rights, or you require accessible accommodations or materials, please contact: 

Jillian Fazio, Planner II
(807) 625-2530

Key Map of Property Location:

Key Map of Subject Lands

Applicant's Site Sketch

 Applicant's Site Sketch