Indoor Arenas

We also have ice time available during the week and on the weekends.  If you want to book ice time call the Central Booking Office at 807-252-9628 or email our Facility Booking Coordinator who can be reached Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Individual (Unbooked) ice is only offered Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays between 8am and 4pm, dependent on availability.  For Individual (unbooked) ice, you must contact the arena staff directly to confirm open ice availability.

Weekday Ice Times

Port Arthur ArenaMon04-Jul-2210:00 PM04-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue05-Jul-2210:00 PM05-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu07-Jul-2210:00 PM07-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri08-Jul-226:00 PM08-Jul-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri08-Jul-2210:00 PM08-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon11-Jul-2210:00 PM11-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue12-Jul-2210:00 PM12-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu14-Jul-224:00 PM14-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu14-Jul-2210:00 PM14-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri15-Jul-224:00 PM15-Jul-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri15-Jul-2210:00 PM15-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon18-Jul-2210:00 PM18-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue19-Jul-2210:00 PM19-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu21-Jul-2210:00 PM21-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri22-Jul-224:00 PM22-Jul-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri22-Jul-2210:00 PM22-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon25-Jul-224:00 PM25-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon25-Jul-2210:00 PM25-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue26-Jul-2210:00 PM26-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu28-Jul-2210:00 PM28-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri29-Jul-224:00 PM29-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri29-Jul-226:00 PM29-Jul-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri29-Jul-2210:00 PM29-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon01-Aug-2210:00 PM01-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue02-Aug-2210:00 PM02-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu04-Aug-2210:00 PM04-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri05-Aug-224:00 PM05-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri05-Aug-2210:00 PM05-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon08-Aug-2210:00 PM08-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue09-Aug-2210:00 PM09-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu11-Aug-2210:00 PM11-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri12-Aug-2210:00 PM12-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon15-Aug-2210:00 PM15-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue16-Aug-2210:00 PM16-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu18-Aug-224:00 PM18-Aug-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu18-Aug-2210:00 PM18-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri19-Aug-224:00 PM19-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri19-Aug-2210:00 PM19-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon22-Aug-226:00 PM22-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon22-Aug-2210:00 PM22-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue23-Aug-2210:00 PM23-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaThu25-Aug-2210:00 PM25-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri26-Aug-225:00 PM26-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaFri26-Aug-2210:00 PM26-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon29-Aug-226:00 PM29-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaMon29-Aug-2210:00 PM29-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaTue30-Aug-2210:00 PM30-Aug-2211:00 PM

Weekend Ice Times

Port Arthur ArenaSun03-Jul-228:00 AM03-Jul-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun03-Jul-2210:00 AM03-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun03-Jul-2210:00 PM03-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat09-Jul-228:00 AM09-Jul-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat09-Jul-2212:00 PM09-Jul-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat09-Jul-2210:00 PM09-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun10-Jul-228:00 AM10-Jul-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun10-Jul-2210:00 AM10-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun10-Jul-2210:00 PM10-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat16-Jul-228:00 AM16-Jul-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat16-Jul-2212:00 PM16-Jul-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat16-Jul-2210:00 PM16-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun17-Jul-228:00 AM17-Jul-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun17-Jul-2210:00 AM17-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun17-Jul-2210:00 PM17-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat23-Jul-228:00 AM23-Jul-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat23-Jul-2212:00 PM23-Jul-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat23-Jul-2210:00 PM23-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun24-Jul-228:00 AM24-Jul-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun24-Jul-2210:00 AM24-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun24-Jul-2210:00 PM24-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat30-Jul-228:00 AM30-Jul-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat30-Jul-2212:00 PM30-Jul-229:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat30-Jul-2210:00 PM30-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun31-Jul-228:00 AM31-Jul-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun31-Jul-2210:00 AM31-Jul-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun31-Jul-2210:00 PM31-Jul-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat06-Aug-228:00 AM06-Aug-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat06-Aug-2212:00 PM06-Aug-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat06-Aug-2210:00 PM06-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun07-Aug-228:00 AM07-Aug-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun07-Aug-2210:00 AM07-Aug-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun07-Aug-226:00 PM07-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun07-Aug-2210:00 PM07-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat13-Aug-228:00 AM13-Aug-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat13-Aug-2212:00 PM13-Aug-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat13-Aug-2210:00 PM13-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun14-Aug-228:00 AM14-Aug-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun14-Aug-2210:00 AM14-Aug-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun14-Aug-226:00 PM14-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun14-Aug-2210:00 PM14-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat20-Aug-228:00 AM20-Aug-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat20-Aug-2212:00 PM20-Aug-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat20-Aug-2210:00 PM20-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun21-Aug-228:00 AM21-Aug-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun21-Aug-2210:00 AM21-Aug-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun21-Aug-226:00 PM21-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun21-Aug-2210:00 PM21-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat27-Aug-228:00 AM27-Aug-2211:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSat27-Aug-2212:00 PM27-Aug-228:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSat27-Aug-2210:00 PM27-Aug-2211:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun28-Aug-228:00 AM28-Aug-229:00 AM
Port Arthur ArenaSun28-Aug-2210:00 AM28-Aug-225:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun28-Aug-226:00 PM28-Aug-227:00 PM
Port Arthur ArenaSun28-Aug-2210:00 PM28-Aug-2211:00 PM



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