Are you a student looking for an applied, locally-based problem to solve that will contribute to a more livable region ? Our working groups have identified multiple research problems/projects that could use your leadership and expertise. EarthCare is also open to suggested research topics relating to sustainability.

Current list of research opportunities

Strategic traffic safety action plan 

The final product of this research project will be the development of a Strategic Traffic Safety Action Plan for the City of Thunder Bay. This project would involve a partnership of various community representatives and use available GIS pedestrian and cyclist collision data. An individual or group of university or college students will develop indicators, analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and identify priority actions for a Traffic Safety Action Plan.

Target Academic Program/Faculty
Public Health, Sociology, Civil Engineering, or relevant.

Working Groups Involved
Mobility (Walkability, Active Transportation, Transit)

Mapping and quantifying urban sprawl in Thunder Bay 

The final product of this research project will be a report that will outline the growth of urban sprawl in Thunder Bay over a 15-year period.  The Report will begin with a description of Urban Sprawl and describe the impact of sprawl on municipalities. The Report will show the development of all types of residential developments over a 15-year period using GIS mapping.  The report will describe the impacts of this development on the cost of City services. 

Target Academic Program/Faculty
Geography, Business, Sociology, Civil Engineering

Working Groups Involved
Land Use, Mobility (Walkability, Active Transportation, Transit)

Drywall waste 

The construction industry enormous levels of undersized pieces of drywall to the landfill each year. Is there an alternate business model/diversion stream that could create demand/re-use/new use for undersized drywall product?

Target Academic Program/Faculty
Business, Engineering 

Working Groups Involved


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