Strong Block 2017

Strong Block was an event that aimed to showcase a vibrant, high amenity street, gathering space and lively economic corridor. The kind of space you want to live and work in, would love to visit, and a community to be proud of. A strong block project builds upon the existing urban features to showcase the full potential of the community.streetscape at Strong Block event full of people

A strong community focuses on financial stability, intensify growth, and increase the value for their people.

EarthCare continues to host events to bring Thunder Bay together to build awareness about sustainable strong communities.

EarthCare sought information from two organizations, Strong Town and Better Block. Strong Town is an organization that promotes a movement for change to ensure communities are prosperous in their future. Better Block is a non-profit organization that provides education and empowerment to communities to build a sustainable and healthy environment.

Effects of a strong community

  • Supports local businesses, and a lively economic corridor, and strong municipal return on investment
  • Supports healthy lifestyles and livable communities
  • Supports of positive and incremental change, both rapid and short term transformation
  • Supports grassroots efforts such a reducing our impact on the environment and land use consumption
  • Supports a complete street, sustainable land-use, and gathering space
  • Supports non-vehicular mobility

Benefits of a strong community

  • Develops a sense of a sustainable, vivid , and energized community
  • Develops support for community projects and businesses, keeping money local
  • Develops a gathering place for families and individuals to connect and be healthy
  • Develops an awareness of local businesses and events
  • Develops a safe space for inclusion and belonging

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