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Thunder Bay's central location in Canada makes it very easy to transport people and goods in and out of the area with our airport, port, railways and highways.

Thunder Bay International Airport

The Thunder Bay International Airport is the third busiest in Ontario, servicing over half a million passengers annually - nationally and internationally. The Thunder Bay Airport boasts the highest number of flying hours in the country, and is the first Canadian airport to eliminate its airport improvement fee.

Visit the Thunder Bay International Airport website for more information.

Thunder Bay Port Authority 

Thunder Bay is a major international inland port, featuring one of Canada's largest warehousing and transshipment complexes. The Keefer Terminal at the Thunder Bay Port Authority handles grain, coal, and potash, the port also handles lumber, steel, machinery, bagged goods and forest products.

The Port serves as Canada's western terminus of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway system located on Lake Superior. For more information on the Thunder Bay Port Authority please visit their website. 

Border crossing
Convenient and quick entry can be made to and from the United States via Highway 61 through the Pigeon River (Thunder Bay) border crossing which is 45 minutes away from Thunder Bay (32 miles / 52 km from the U.S. border).

Trucking overview

In a few decades of dramatic growth a vast motorized freight system has arisen to provide the versatile transport of goods. Trucking is now a major service industry essential to the life of virtually every community and to domestic and international trade.

Trucking in Thunder Bay has always enjoyed great importance. Our strategic location in the heart of the country and at the only major east-west road link has ensured a healthy industry. The growth of trucking in Thunder Bay should continue as proposed deregulation comes into effect and a greater use of intermodal services, utilizing our extensive port and rail facilities, is undertaken.

Thunder Bay is easily accessible by truck. The City is located on Highway 11/17 (TransCanada Highway) and Highway 61 to the U.S. and the entire infrastructure system.



Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) - CP, through the ingenuity of its employees located across Canada and in the United States, remains committed to being the safest, most fluid railway in North America. The employees are the key to delivering innovative transportation solutions to CP customers and to ensuring the safe operation of the trains through the more than 1,100 communities where CP operates. Visit the Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) website for more information.

Canadian National Railway (CN) - CN has the North American market covered. When importing or exporting goods from North America, CN can help capitalize on market opportunities. Their unique rail network gives you access to 75% of the population in the U.S and Canada. What's more, CN's numerous marketing agreements with the other railroads provides more flexibility and access. And with the dockside access to major ports in North America, goods can be shipped to and from Asia, Europe, and South America in record time. Visit the Canadian National Railway (CN) website for more information.  

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