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Link to Google Transit Trip Planner
Transit Trip Planner
Departing From
Arriving At
e.g. Intercity Shopping Centre, 500 Donald St. E., etc e.g. Intercity Shopping Centre, 500 Donald St. E., etc

Visit the Service Notices page for temporary changes to the regular schedule.

transit trip planner

Google Maps users can plan a trip with Thunder Bay Transit using Google Transit. As a complementary product of Thunder Bay Transit's trip planning tools, Google Transit combines our planning and scheduling data with Google Maps to create quick and detailed itineraries. Google Maps is available in 40 different languages, and is compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired.

Use Google Maps to plan your trip on Thunder Bay Transit. Simply visit, enter your start and end address, and view the various route/time options. This is also available on your mobile browser or through the Google Maps App.

For live updates for when the next bus is coming to your stop, try our NextLift service. Simply enter the street name, landmark, or bus stop number where you would like to catch the bus, and the website will tell you what routes service that stop and how many minutes until the bus arrives. Please note that this version of the website is in BETA-test, with a full version coming in early spring 2015. If you have any issues with this test site, please send us an email with the issue to

System map

System Route Map PDF   Adobe PDF, 1 page, 4.2 MB
System Route Map Link issuu icon Open in ISSUU

bus stop numbers

Bus Stops - Map Open in Google Maps
Bus Stops - by number
Bus Stops - by name

Route Names


#1 Mainline
#2 Crosstown (winter schedule)
#2 Crosstown (summer schedule)  Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 2.6MB
#3M Memorial
#3A Airport
#3N Northwood 
#3C County Park 
#3J Jumbo Gardens
#4 Neebing
#6 Mission Rd.
#7 Hudson
#8 James 
#9 Junot
#10 Chippewa Park (Jul 11- Aug 16)
#11 John
#12 East End
#13 John-Jumbo

To view and print PDF files you will need Adobe® Reader®. If you do not have the free Adobe®Reader® software, please download it from Adobe's site.