This initiative is intended to review and revise Thunder Bay's current Core Areas “Community Improvement Plan” (CIP) with the objective of bolstering current incentives and accelerating housing under the HAF. Following that, the initiative will expand Thunder Bay's current Strategic Core Areas CIP grants to further incentivize residential infill development in the areas within the CIP.

This initiative anticipates significant community renewal in the North Core, South Core and the Westfort Business Area. There are opportunities in these areas for both small-scale infill projects, and large-scale residential conversions of historic or other buildings. The grant program supports a mixture between redevelopments and new construction in these areas.

Construction Assistance Grant Program

This program is available for eligible projects within the city's Strategic Core Areas. It is a stand-alone grant stream funded by the Housing Accelerator Fund designed to stimulate the development of new residential units within the city's strategic core areas.

This program is designed to support property owners and developers by providing financial incentives to assist in the development of new units. Applications are available now, apply today!

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