When is the next municipal election?

Elections for municipal governments in Ontario are held every four years on the fourth Monday of October. The next City of Thunder Bay municipal election will be held on October 24, 2022. 

Visit the official Thunder Bay municipal election website at: tbayvotes.ca.

2018 Candidate financial statements

The financial statements are scanned and therefore are not accessible to screen readers, however we will provide the information in an alternate format upon request. If you require an accessible version please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 807-625-2230.


Angus, Ian

Cernjul, Kevin

Hailio, Ed

Judge, Shane

Mauro, Bill

Panetta, Peter

Pullia, Frank

Sawicki, Mariann

Councillor At Large

Armstrong, Diane

Bentz, Mark

Comuzzi, Moe

Ducharme, Kim

Figliomeni, Mark

Giertuga, Trevor

Hebert, Larry

Howie, Jim

Johnson, Rebecca

Krumpholz, Chris

MacKinnon, Tracey

Margarit, Stephen

Paras, Lori - Preliminary

Paras, Lori - Supplementary

Rajala, Marty

Ruberto, Aldo

Saari, Viktor

Santa, Orville

Staal, Norm

Timko, Lawrence

Upton, Jeff

Wanlin, Margaret

Wazinski, Frank

You, Peng

Current River Ward

Cressman, Jamie

Foulds, Andrew

Waddington, Dick

Wolff, Andy

McIntyre Ward

Aiello, Albert

Gulbinowicz, Adam

Ramage, Wesley

McKellar Ward

Hamilton, Brian

Jankovic, Robert

McLeod, Donald

Nurmela, Ashley

Neebing Ward

Fraser, Cody

Rickards, Robin

Rydholm, Linda

Sawchyn, Roberta

Northwood Ward

Ch'ng, Shelby

El Kahil, Mo

Red River Ward

Brown, Donna

McKinnon, Brian

Noonan, David George

Westfort Ward

Oliver, Kristen

Scarcello, Frank

Virdiramo, Joe

School Board Trustee - French Separate - Conseil scolaire de district catholique des Aurores boréales

Gleeson, Claudette

Grunerud, Elodie

Langevin, Mariette

Lauzon, Alain

Pelletier, Donald

School Board Trustee - French Public - Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario
Gelineault, Anne-Marie
School Board Trustee - English Public - Lakehead District School Board

Arnone, Margaret

Chambers, Ellen

Doughty-Smith, Susan

Johansen, Pat

Kromm, Adrienne

Lapierre, Debbie

Lappage, Cheri

Massaro, Deborah

Moore, Ryan

Oikonen, Ronald

Playford, Jack

Radbourne, Dwayne

Saarinen, George

Sitch, Ryan

Skogstad, Karl

Sylvestre, Laura

Tuchenhagen, Trudy

Zale, Robert M.

School Board Trustee - English Separate - Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board

Ashe, Eleanor

Badanai, Lawrence

Cattani, Donald

DeBruyne, Debbie

Fonso, Loretta

Hupka, Bob

McFarlane, Dina

O'Brien, Kathy

Panikulam, James

Pascuzzo, John

Pucci, Tony

Romeo, Tony

Tremonti, Letizia

Veneruz, Francis

Walters, Tom

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