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About the Thunder Bay Public Library

Purpose: Everyone has the right to access the resources and services they need to learn, express themselves creatively, and reach their full potential.

Mission: We are facilitators for the needs of our community. We partner with our community and strive to meet everyone’s needs for research, creativity, entertainment and support services.

Vision: The Public Library will be an inclusive, safe and welcoming community hub built around trust, understanding and collaboration to meet the community’s needs.

Values: We are...

  • Inspired by our Community - Our job is to equip community members with the tools they need to learn, create and grow. The enlightenment of our members inspires us.
  • Welcoming - Everyone who walks through our doors deserves our respect. We are the living room of the community and everyone is welcome here.
  • Inclusive - When we say everyone, we mean everyone. Our community is beautifully diverse and access to knowledge is universal.
  • Helpful - As our services grow, we will do everything we can to connect people with the tools and support they require to achieve their goals.
  • Sharers of Knowledge - We love to teach something new, just as much as we love learning something new. We share our knowledge and learn from our community.

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