The City of Thunder Bay has many services, here you can: 

Use our complete A - Z Directory to help you find the information you are looking for.

Report a problem

Have a concern? Report a problem with us to help us improve our services and our city.

Roads and active transportation

Whether you are driving on our roads or using them for active transportation, we provide up-to-date information on roadwork, potholes, snow removal, new active transportation projects and more.

Emergency services and public safety

View our Emergency services and public safety information, make use of our anti-racism supports, and learn more about community safety & well-being in our community. You can also get information about Fire Rescue, Police, or Superior North Emergency Medical Services.

Water and utilities

View our water and sewer services, where you can:


The City of Thunder Bay is committed to making its facilities, infrastructure and services accessible to everyone.

Services for older adults

Our Older Adults area will tell you more about the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre and West Arthur Community Centre which have a range of services and programs available to citizens.

Looking for information on long-term care? Discover more about Pioneer Ridge, Jasper Place and the senior services available.

Social and Community Services

211 is a multi-channel information and referral system. 211 is accessible to Ontarians 24/7 – 365 via:

211 provides free, confidential, multilingual access to information & referrals to the full range of community, social, health and government services. 211’s Certified Community Resource Specialists assess each person’s needs and connect them to the best available resources. 211 helps to navigate the complex network of human services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 150 languages.

The Lakehead Social Planning Council in Thunder Bay operates 211 North as one of 6 provincial regional partners, through its accredited Community Information & Referral Centre. In 2008, 211 North began rolling out the 211 service across Northern Ontario.

The backbone of 211 Ontario North is the Lakehead Social Planning Council’s, Community Information & Referral Centre (CIRC). The CIRC has been operational since 1983 and provides walk-in (in-person) information & referral services in our fully accessible store front office, conveniently located in Victoriaville Centre in Thunder Bay.   

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