Mapping services

The Mapping Section offers the following products and services:

  • Maintaining the City’s digital parcel, topographic, LiDAR, air photos and orthophoto mapping
  • Maintaining the City’s municipal address database, buildings, easements and Zoning maps
  • Maintaining map schedules for the Zoning By-law and Official Plan
  • Customizing maps and analysis using city data for your specific project needs
  • Street Naming/renaming

See the Mapping Products & Services Price List for details

City maps

City Web Map 

We welcome your feedback on our City web map.

City property map

City Property Map

We welcome your feedback on our City property map.

City zoning map

Interactive Zoning Map

Use our interactive zoning map to find the zoning on a property. Find out what zone you live in here.

City cultural map

Culture plays an important role in defining and enhancing our quality of life. 

The City of Thunder Bay is developing an inventory of all of the cultural assets in Thunder Bay, including:

  • cultural facilities
  • public art
  • individual artists and cultural professionals
  • cultural businesses
  • cultural organizations
  • heritage buildings and sites and more

These assets are vital in fostering civic pride and need to be celebrated, preserved, and developed.

Once complete the Cultural Map will be available online.

Multi-use trails map

Multi-use trails map

We have over 56 kilometres of multi-use trails and over 42 kilometres of bike lanes and shared lanes. This maps shows the multi-use trails, and on-road bike facilities.

Multi-use trails are for all person-powered transportation: bikes, walkers, joggers, e-bikes, wheelchairs, etc. Bike lanes and shared lanes are on-road facilities for people on bikes.

Official Plan map

Interactive Official Plan map
See our interactive Official Plan map to find the land use designation of a property. Please see our Official Plan page for more information.

Parks map

Interactive recreation map

You can view trails, transit routes, parks and other features with our interactive recreation map.

Plowing and sanding map

Snow removal map

Under the City of Thunder Bay's Winter Operations standards, arterial or waste collection routes are the priority for snow removal, and will be cleared after 5 cm of snow has accumulated. All other roadways will be cleared after 10 cm of snow has accumulated.

The snow removal map illustrates the priority routes, which are marked in red. Unmarked roadways are non-priority routes.

Properties for sale map

View our current building and property listings which include maps of residential, multi-residential and institutional, industrial and commercial listings as well as leasing opportunities. Our Innova Business Park also offers excellent opportunities for businesses.

Transit map

City Web Map Transit Routes

The City Web Map contains transit routes. For specific Transit route information, bus schedules and more, please visit our Transit page.

Ward maps

The City is governed by an elected City Council of 13 members: The Mayor and 12 Councillors who serve a four-year term. The City's five Councillors at Large and seven Ward Councillors - Current River, McIntyre, McKellar, Neebing, Northwood, Red River and Westfort -provide municipal representation for all citizens.

City of Thunder Bay Ward Map    


Disclaimer: Ward Maps on the City website are provided for convenience only. They are not to be used for legal description. For accurate reference, consult the official Ward Map in the Office of the City Clerk.

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