Recreation program closures due to COVID-19

City recreation and culture facilities and programs have been temporarily closed for an indefinite period as part of the City’s COVID-19 response. See below for information on programming that will be running in summer 2020. 

We encourage kids to get active from a young age! Check out one of the Recreation & Culture Division's many high quality programs and activities for kids and youth in Thunder Bay.

To Register for any of our programs call 625-TIME (8463)

Programs Offered in Summer 2020

As of Tuesday June 23, the Recreation & Culture Division will be accepting registrations for anticipated children and youth programming this summer. Programs are scheduled to begin on July 13 and will include modified Summer Camp and Playgrounds Program options. 

Programs will follow Provincial guidelines for summer camps, including capacity limits, screening, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting.  Activities will primarily be outdoors with access to indoor facilities when needed.

Registrations will be taken over the phone only to minimize interaction. Appointments may be made for in person payment if necessary.  To register for a program, call 625-8463.

Summer Camps

  • Registered program for children ages 5-12 years
  • July 13 - August 28, Monday – Friday 8:15am – 5pm
  • Locations: Delaney Arena and Current River Arena
  • Fee is $166.88 per week for the first child, and $141.63 for additional children.

Current River Arena

 TBay 50 - July 13-17
 Come out and celebrate 50 years of Thunder Bay with local guests and some TBay love! Barcode: 428989
 Imaginarium - July 20-24
 This week is dedicated entirely to our imaginations! Come see what you can create. Barcode: 428990
 Lights, Camera, Action - July 27-31
 Channel your inner superstar! From drama to music and everything in between! Barcode: 428991
 Olympics - August 4-7 (4 Day Camp)
 Come out and go for gold! Learn some new sports and of course.. HAVE FUN! Barcode: 428992
 Shipwrecked - August 10-14
 From under the sea to a pirate's life for me! Barcode: 428993
 Around the World - August 17-21
 Take a trip around the world to find out all there is to see! Barcode: 428994
 Going Green - August 24-28
 Plants and trees and water and bees! Barcode: 429739

Delaney Arena

 Fun and Fitness - July 13 - 17
 Work hard and play harder! Time to build our strength and confidence, and did we mention have fun too? Through games and physical activities, participants will learn about setting goals, the value of practice and will get the opportunity to develop their skills like jumping, throwing, catching and other fun and challenging activities. We can’t wait to see you at our park for some fun and fitness! Barcode: 427897
 Ninja Warriors - July 20 - 24
 Calling athletes and all those who are down for friendly competition and a lot of fun! All participants of this week will compete in obstacle courses, and high-

energy and creative activities. Stay active and entertained during this fun-filled week! We can’t wait to see you there. Barcode: 427898

 Learning to Lead - July 27 - 31
What type of leader are you? Join us for an exciting week at our summer camp, where participants will learn the fundamentals of leadership. Participants will use the power of play to participate in activities and games that build their confidence and increase their self-esteem. Get ready for a fun-filled week. Barcode: 427899
 Around the World - August 4 - 7 (4 Day Camp)
 Pack your bags; we are heading on a worldwide adventure! While staying in the comfort of the Delaney Stadium and the Friendship Gardens, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the world around us. Each day will offer new adventures, activities, games and fascinating facts. This camp will explore the different parts of the world, along with activities from our own Canadian back yard. Join us as we embark on an international adventure! Barcode: 427900
 Marvel Madness - August 10 - 14
 What super power would you choose? This week’s focus will be learning the skills that make a great superhero. This camp will focus on superhero training activities to teach campers to harness their super powers. Just like the Avengers, teams of young superheroes will have to communicate to overcome the tests and challenges that await them at the Park. Barcode: 427901
 We Have Talent - August 17 - 21
Get ready to show off your talents! This fun-filled camp will help you discover your inner talents through a variety of interesting activities. Test your talents in sports, games, crafts, and other fun outdoor activities. We can’t wait to see your talent shine this year at our camp! Barcode: 427902
Summer Send-off -  August 24 - 28
Come out and say and goodbye to summer 2020 as we celebrate the last week of Summer Camps. This week will have all the best that our camp has to offer. You can participate in fire building, games and crafts. You won’t want to miss this exciting camp as we send off summer 2020 with some final fun in the sun! Barcode: 427903

For more information on the Playgrounds Program, please select the tab below for sites and instructions in 2020!

Programs Offered

  • Adventurers Camp: A fun and inclusive day camp full of activities from crafts to karate and of course swimming, for kids ages 5 to 12!
  • Child Care: The City of Thunder Bay operates four child care centres and licensed private home child care that provide safe, stimulating and nurturing environments.
  • Chippewa Summer Camps: A traditional week-long registered Day camp located at Chippewa Park where campers get to experience activities such as fire building, canoeing, shelter building and more!
  • Junior Inclusion Services: Offers support for children and youth, who have disabilities, and want to participate in Recreation and Culture programs. 
  • KidVentures : An art and adventure filled day camp at Prince Arthur’s Landing  with weekly sailing adventures for kids ages 5 to 12!
  • Neighbourhood Recreation Program: A fun, active, after school program for children in grades 1-6. Children will play a vaiety of games and activities and be provided with a healthy snack.
  • Playgrounds : A free, drop in program that runs fun, inclusive programming at different schools, community centres and parks throughout the City – open for anyone ages 5-12.
  • Youth Move: A Free year-round drop in program for teens ages 12-18 run in a variety of locations around Thunder Bay offering video games, sports, crafts, and snack!

In each of the programs and services below, we offer

 Trained Staff
 Staff are trained in Standard First Aid with Level C CPR and HIGH FIVE Principles of Health Childhood Development, as well as program specific training which includes a number of topics including behaviour management, conflict resolution and inclusion strategies.
 Nut Safe Program
 Our Programs are nut safe. Please ensure any food you are sending does not contain nuts or nut products.
 Junior Inclusion Services
 Junior Inclusion Services facilitates the inclusion of children and youth disabilities in our programs. If you are interested in accessing JIS, please call 625-3220 BEFORE registering or attending the program.
 Personal Support Worker
 Our programs welcome children and youth to bring their own PSW. Please consider letting registration or program staff know before attending the program, so we can help to fully include both the child/youth and the PSW.
 TO REGISTER Call 625-TIME (8463)
 Please ensure you have enough time to verify contact information and provide additional details. Payment for registered programs can be taken over the phone with a credit card, while other methods are taken in person. Registration is closed 2 full business days prior to event / program start date.

Interested in being a part of our team?

If you are interested in applying to work in our Programs during the school year or as a part of our summer staff team, visit the City of Thunder Bay Jobs page for job descriptions and application forms.

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