Burning permits 


Burn permits options

There are two types of Burn Permits. Select from the options below:

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Demolition permit

Applications are available at the Building Services Division or online through our Demolition Permit page.

Written authorization may be required from the Thunder Bay Fire Rescue. Please call the Fire Prevention Division at 807-625-2103 before visiting Station 1, 330 Vickers St N to see an Inspector.


Fireworks permit

The City of Thunder Bay permits residents to set off low-hazard fireworks, for a private display on their own property without the need for a permit, on New Years Day, Canada Day and Civic Holiday (August Long), and the night immediately preceding any of these days. On the Lunar New Year ( Chinese New Year ) you can only discharge on that day. For all other dates, types/classification of fireworks, locations other than private residential properties, and public displays, a fireworks permit is required. All fireworks are allowed during a fire ban but discouraged. Please use extreme caution.

Application for fireworks display

The following information will be required on all Applications for Fireworks Display.

Failure to complete the form or to supply all required information will result in the permit being denied.

  1. Name of group holding event.
  2. Name, phone number, address and D.O.B. of responsible person from event group.
  3. EXACT location of display - the location is required to assure adequate fallout zones exist.
  4. WRITTEN permission from owner of land where display will take place.
  5. Full name, date of birth, qualifications and a log of the responsible applicant / technician's experience. A legible copy of NRC certificate is required, including expiry date. Company name and address required.
  6. Names and qualifications of assistants are required
  7. Manifest of fireworks to be used in display to be included.
  8. Value of display must be stated - fee will be 10 per cent of show value up to $100. Collection of fee due at time of issue.
  9. Manner and storage place of fireworks prior to display must be disclosed.
  10. Copy of third party Certificate of Insurance - $4 million indemnification required.

** Please Note: Fireworks permits will require a minimum of 21 days to process.

Application for Fireworks Display forms can be picked up at Station 1 (Vickers Street) Fire Station, Fire Prevention Division, 330 Vickers Street North, (807)625-2103.


Fireworks Safety

It is important for fireworks users to understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure safe and secure use of fireworks in Canada. To minimize the risk of fire and burn injury Thunder Bay Fire Rescue does not recommend family fireworks or informal neighbourhood displays. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue recommends attending public firework displays hosted by the municipality and other responsible organizations.

If you choose to set off your own fireworks ensure the person setting them off owns the property they are on or has permission from the property owner to do so.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue recommends following these safety tips:

  • Appoint a responsible person to be in charge.
  • Carefully read and follow the directions on the fireworks packaging.
  • Keep a water hose or pail of water close by when discharging fireworks.
  • Discharge fireworks well away from combustible materials such as buildings, trees and dry grass.
  • Keep onlookers a safe distance away.
  • Light one firework at a time and never light a firework in your hand.
  • Discharge fireworks only if wind conditions do not create a safety hazard.
  • Keep sparklers away from children as the sparkler wire remains hot for some time after it burns.

Fire Ban

The discharge of fireworks is allowed during a municipal fire ban.

Pyrotechnic event approval

Pyrotechnic/Fireworks Event Guidelines

In the interest of public safety and regulation of fireworks sales, the following rules will be observed:

1. Any public display of Pyrotechnics will require a written plan to be submitted at least 21 days prior to the event. This plan will include:

  • Full name, date of birth, qualifications and a copy of the log book of the person who will be responsible for discharging the pyrotechnics.
  • Site diagram showing the location of proposed devices in relation to operators, audience, performers (if applicable), support personnel (if applicable) and / or any related structure.
  • A legible copy of NRC Certificate is required, including expiry date, name and address of company.
  • Locations of effects will be clearly shown on maps. Proper clearances between guests and sets / scenery will be maintained.
  • The name of the group or company holding the event or show.

2. A list of responsible persons and information including addresses, phone numbers and D.O.B. to be provided.

3. If show / event is not occurring on land(s) owned by the group conducting the show, EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION to use the respective property will be required.

4. Names and qualifications of assistants required.

5. Manifest of fireworks / pyrotechnics to be used in display required. MSDS sheets to be included.

6. Manner of transport and detailed information concerning manner and location of storage prior to use to be supplied.

7. If required, the Chief Fire Prevention Officer reserves the right to demand a live demonstration prior to approval to evaluate the effect of the display.

8. Value of display must be stated - fee will be 10% of show value up to $100.00. Collection of fee at time of permit issue.

9. Proof of liability / third party insurance will be required with permit application - $4 million indemnification required.

If deemed necessary, Fire Rescue personnel will be in attendance at pyrotechnic / fireworks displays. The Chief Fire Prevention Officer will have the authority to stop the pyrotechnic display or fireworks during a display should he deem it unsafe to person or property.

Special occasion fire permit

This permit is necessary in the city limits to have a fire that is not used for cooking purposes. If a Special Occasion Fire Permit is requested, we will inspect the area to ensure it meets the requirements set out in the permit guidelines.

Some of the requirements include: the distance the fire has to be away from a building; the size of the fire; the water supply necessary; the level of supervision and what can and can't be burned.

There is a fee for this permit that covers the duration of the event.
** Please Note: Special occasion permits will require a minimum of 5 business days to process.

All Special Occasion Fire Permits should be filled out online or can be dropped off at Station 1, 330 Vickers St N, Fire Prevention Division, 807-625-2103.

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