City Council passes by-laws, or municipal laws, under authority from the Province of Ontario. The Province authorizes what the municipality can regulate. The City's Licensing and Enforcement Division enforces these by-laws in our community.

To report a problem related to a City by-law, contact the Licensing & Enforcement Division at 625-2710.

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Commonly requested by-laws*

Animal and wildlife by-laws


Licensing by-laws


Parking and traffic by-laws

Property maintenance by-laws

Sign by-laws

Taxi by-law

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Zoning by-law

The zoning by-law controls land use across the City and follows the City's Official Plan. Each zone has different regulations. Make sure you know what you can build before you buy property or apply for a building permit. Learn more about zoning.

*These commonly requested by-laws are provided for convenience only. For full and complete accurate reference, consult copies of the official by-laws and documents available at the Office of the City Clerk.

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