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Accessibility Advisory Committee

This committee advises Council on the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its annual accessibility plan and other related issues. Read more about the Accessibility Advisory Committee. You can also discover more about accessibility in our City.

Active Transportation Committee

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) and its subcommittees facilitate ongoing communication between citizens and City Council. The ATAC is made up of representatives of community organizations and City departments who are dedicated to the continued implementation of the Active Transportation Plan. The ATAC oversees, reviews, and presents the ideas brought forth by the subcommittees to City Council. The ATAC is instrumental in defining the costs, processes, and challenges associated with moving the ideas of the subcommittees forward and for ensuring that these ideas support the goals laid out by the Active Transportation Plan.

The three sub-committees, which consist of citizens and representatives of interested community organizations, are:

  • Partnerships, Education and Programs Committee
  • Infrastructure Development Committee
  • Policy and By-Law Committee

The sub-committees assist with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of projects which improve active transportation in Thunder Bay. The subcommittees maintain communication with the ATAC via the Active Transportation Coordinator.

Partnerships, Education, and Programs Committee

The Partnerships, Education and Programs Committee provides outreach, education and developing partnerships with organizations promoting active transportation. The PEP is responsible for implementing community initiatives, such as educational campaigns to improve public awareness and understanding of Active Transportation.

Policy and By-Law Committee

The Policy and By-Law Committee is responsible for researching new ideas and standards and proposing new by-laws and changes to existing by-laws concerning active transportation infrastructure in Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay, as a resource-based city, is dependent on its transportation system for its economic well-being. Increasingly, the impact of our transportation system on the surrounding natural environment is a concern. The Policy and By-Law Committee take these issues and the needs and expectations of a variety of users into consideration to develop by-laws that address all the expectations of a multi-modal transportation system.

Infrastructure Development Committee

The Infrastructure Development Committee is responsible for researching ideas and providing recommendations for infrastructure that supports active transportation, including trails and commuter routes, bicycle-sensitive sensors, proper bike parking, and end of trip facilities for active transportation users.

Learn more about Active Transportation in our city by exploring our Biking, Walking and Trails page.

Animal Services Committee

This committee hears appeals relative to Restraint Orders under the provisions of the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law.

The Animal Services Committee hears appeals relative to Restraint Orders issued to dog owners where a dog has demonstrated excessive or unprovoked aggression under the provisions of the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law. A person appointed to the Animal Services Committee cannot be a member of City Council or an employee of the Municipality.

Learn more about Animal Services in our City.

Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee

This committee was established to develop a plan of action to combat racism in the community. Read more about the Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee.

Audit Committee

This committee is responsible for providing oversight on matters relating to financial reporting.

The Audit Committee is responsible for providing, on behalf of City Council, oversight on matters relating to financial reporting and assurance that an effective control and governance framework is in place. To qualify for appointment to the Audit Committee, the nominee should have the following qualifications:

  • Appropriate academic qualifications in accounting and/or business management
  • Business experience and acumen
  • Independence of judgement
  • No financial self-interest in the Municipality

Clean, Green and Beautiful Committee

This committee is working to provide the civic leadership necessary to bring together business, industry and community leaders to find creative solutions to improve the City's appearance. Read more about the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee.

Committee of Adjustment

This committee votes on minor variances, consents, and permissions. Council appoints members from the community. Councillors and employees of the Municipality cannot be members. This Committee meets monthly. If you would like to apply for a minor variance, consent, or permission, visit the Planning applications page.

City of Thunder Bay Appeals Tribunal

The body was established in 2018 and incorporates the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the former Committee of Revision, the Property Standards Committee and the newly conceived Taxi Licensing Appeals Committee.

Community Communications Committee

This committee reviews external communication policies, strategies for major initiatives and programs and tools, including the web site; provides input into the development of a Community Communications Plan for the term of Council; and works with Members of Administration in establishing criteria by which the success of the plan may be assessed.

Crime Prevention Council

This Committee provides advice to City Council on the development of an inclusive Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan and contributes to its implementation. Read more about the Crime Prevention Council.

EarthCare Advisory Committee

This committee oversees the implementation of the EarthCare Sustainability Plan 2014-2020.

Read more about the EarthCare Advisory Committee.

Grant Review Team

The Grant Review Team (GRT) assists the City of Thunder Bay in the administration of the Community, Youth & Cultural Funding Program. Funding is allocated in relation to the City of Thunder Bay's Strategic Plan, Youth Services Plan, and Inspire Thunder Bay Culture Plan, including the Cultural Policy.

The GRT adjudicates the applications submitted to the Operating and Project categories and recommends grant allocations to the annual budget process through the Recreation & Culture and Financial Services Divisions.

The GRT also evaluates the application process, as well as the application and evaluation forms, to determine whether revisions are required. Evaluations are conducted annually for Operating grants and bi-annually for Projects grants (two intake periods per year).

The GRT meets as required.

Heritage Advisory Committee

This committee provides recommendations for the conservation of heritage buildings, sites and resources.

The Heritage Advisory Committee advises City Council on the protection of Thunder Bay's built, natural, and cultural heritage. The Committee educates and promotes awareness of this heritage, so that future planning and development takes into consideration the rich history of these assets.

Members also recommend By-laws to establish processes for the conservation of heritage resources, monitoring, reviewing and taking protective actions on a property-by-property or area-wide basis and undertaking promotion programs to advise City Council and the public of the value of heritage resources.

The Committee is comprised of the following eleven members who shall be appointed by Resolution of Council.

  • Four (4) citizen appointees
  • One (1) Council appointee
  • One (1) Thunder Bay Law Association appointee
  • One (1) Thunder Bay Historical Museum appointee
  • One (1) appointee from the architectural or engineering community
  • One (1) appointee from the business community
  • One (1) student or young professional appointee
  • One (1) appointee from the aboriginal community
  • One (1) cultural heritage professional appointee

Citizen members of the Heritage Advisory Committee are appointed to staggered four (4) year terms.

Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

Focusing on flooding problems and control, water conservation and more.

Persons appointed to the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority would be interested in flooding problems and control, water conservation, land use and the development of forest recreation areas within the municipality.

Official Recognition Committee

The Official Recognition Committee identifies and recognizes individuals and groups from Thunder Bay who have accomplished significant achievements or provided exceptional volunteer service to the community.
The Committee is comprised of 1 Member of Council and 6 citizens that are representatives from various sectors. Committee members are appointed to staggered four year terms to provide overlap of terms and continuity of experience.

Read more about the Official Recognition Awards and past recipients.

Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee

The Thunder Bay Poverty Reduction Strategy was formulated to develop community-specific recommendations for immediate, medium, and long-term community poverty reduction. Since its inception in 2013, the Poverty Reduction Strategy committee has worked with its many partners to achieve the goals and recommendations of the Strategy.

Read more about the Thunder Bay Poverty Reduction Strategy on the Lakehead Social Planning Council website.

Public Art Committee (PAC)

The Public Art Committee (PAC) is mandated to provide expert community-based advice and knowledge  to the Recreation & Culture Division on marketing, sponsorship, program content, and infrastructure for the provision of high-quality, successful City-delivered public art as well as on City of Thunder Bay public art policies, projects and procedures related to the Inspire Thunder Bay Culture Plan. Read more about the Public Art Commitee.

Sister Cities Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice and direction on implementing of the Twinning (Sister Cities) Policy.

At the heart of all sister city programs is a twinning agreement, signed by the mayors of each sister city, confirming the commitment of each community to the program. These exchanges promote:

cross-cultural understanding, municipal and technical cooperation, and most importantly economic development opportunities.

Sister Cities agree to send and receive delegations of various types, including political and business leaders, arts and cultural representatives, educators and technical experts.

Thunder Bay City Council has established a Twinning Relationship Policy and a Sister Cities Advisory Committee for the purpose of developing mutually beneficial economic and cultural interaction between communities. As economic development is the focus of Thunder Bay's program, municipal twinning provides an opportunity for both parties.

The City of Thunder Bay currently has five Sister Cities outside of Canada.

Read more information about our Sister Cities.

Thunder Bay International Airport Authority

Responsible for operation of the Thunder Bay Airport.

Thunder Bay International Airports Authority Inc. (TBIAAI) is a non-profit corporation responsible for operation of the Thunder Bay Airport. The Members and Directors of TBIAAI are nominated by Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council and TBIAAI Directors to serve terms of three years.

One (1) Nominee from among the names submitted by the City of Thunder Bay will be selected by the TBIAAI.

Thunder Bay Art Gallery

Members develop policies and raise funds to support the presentation of exhibitions.

Members of the Board of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery develop policies and raise funds to support the presentation of exhibitions by Northwestern Ontario and Canadian First Nations artists, national and international travelling exhibitions, education programs and the development and maintenance of a permanent collection of art.

Thunder Bay District Health Unit Board

Members carry out duties assigned by the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

An interest in all aspects of the community with particular interest in public health is an essential qualification of Board Members. Persons should be prepared to carry out duties assigned by the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Thunder Bay Transit Lift+ Specialized Transit Eligibility Appeal Panel

Lift+ is a specialized public transit service, operated by Thunder Bay Transit. The service is reserved for those persons who, due to a disability, are unable to utilize conventional transit services. The Thunder Bay Transit Lift+ Eligibility Appeal Panel is a three- member panel established to hear appeals from persons who have been determined to be ineligible or eligible with conditions to receive Lift+ service.

Thunder Bay Parking Authority

Members should have a special interest in respect to the construction, maintenance, operation and management of municipal parking facilities.

Persons appointed to the Thunder Bay Parking Authority must be eligible to be elected a member of City Council. A person wishing to be appointed should have a special interest in respect to the construction, maintenance, operation and management of municipal parking facilities.

Thunder Bay Police Services Board

The role of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board is to oversee the provision of police services in the City of Thunder Bay and on a contract basis to Oliver Paipoonge. The Board is the civilian trustee of the public interest as it pertains to police services in the community. A person appointed to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board shall be neither a member of the Council nor an employee of the Municipality.


Visit the Thunder Bay Police Services Board website


Thunder Bay Port Authority

Members should have experience related to the management of a business, to the operation of a port or to maritime trade. Members of this Committee must be at least 18 years of age, Canadian Citizens, and should have a general knowledge of, and accepted stature within the transportation industry or the business community. Members must have relevant knowledge and extensive experience related to the management of a business, to the operation of a port or to maritime trade. Members cannot be elected members or employees of the municipal, provincial or federal governments or users of the port. In order to qualify, applicants for membership on this Committee must comply with the Thunder Bay Port Authority Code of Conduct applicable to all Directors. It is essential to receive, review and understand the qualifying criteria, prior to acceptance of the application.

Thunder Bay Public Library Board

Members should have experience in law, finance, fundraising or construction.

A person is qualified to be appointed as a member of the Board who is a Canadian Citizen, is of the age of eighteen, is a resident of the Municipality of the City of Thunder Bay for which the Board is established and is not an employee of the Board or of the Municipality. Experience in law, finance, fundraising or construction as well as previous Board experience are skills desired by the Library Board. An affinity for Public Library service is required.

 Fort William Business District BIA

The Fort William Business District BIA is a non-profit organization which represents all of the businesses located within its boundaries in the beautiful City of Thunder Bay, which is located at the head of Lake Superior in pristine Northwestern Ontario.

It is governed by a volunteer Board of Management and staffed by a part-time office personnel. The BIA is responsible not only for improving the image of a historical area and promoting businesses in the downtown Fort William area, but also for promoting events and lobbying for brown space redevelopment meant to attract new businesses and customers.

For more information please visit the website at

 Waterfront District BIA

The Waterfront District Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of more than 130 businesses located in Thunder Bay’s downtown north core. For more information contact or visit the website,

 Downtown Fort William Revitalization Committee

The Downtown Fort William Revitalization Committee is to provide strategic direction, advice and advocacy to achieve the revitalization of Downtown Fort William.

Main Objectives of the Committee are:

  • To provide advice and recommendations to City Council and City Administration concerning the planning, development, and operation of Downtown Fort William in order to reach its full mixed-use potential; 
  • To consult with specific user groups and interested parties in order to facilitate a coordinated flow of  information between stakeholders and the City;  
  • To identify and prioritize short and long term projects to increase the vitality, livability, and investment in Downtown Fort William; 
  • And to make recommendations to Council (as applicable or relevant) regarding capital projects and programming.

The Committee is comprised of two Members of Council plus five members of the community at large appointed by resolution of Council. Community members of the Committee will be appointed to staggered four-year terms to ensure an overlap of terms and continuity of experience.



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