The EarthCare Advisory Committee (EAC) of Council guides EarthCare and the implementation of the EarthCare Sustainability Plan 2014-2020. These champions are integral in maintaining the momentum of EarthCare. They meet monthly, and their minutes are reviewed by City Council on a regular basis. On the EAC Committee are two City Councillors, four members of City administration, and six citizen appointees.

Current EAC Members:

  • Councillor Andrew Foulds (Chair), City of Thunder Bay
  • Councillor Kristen Oliver, City of Thunder Bay
  • Michelle Warywoda, City of Thunder Bay Environment Division Manager
  • Amy Coomes, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Jacob Porter, Climate Adaptation Coordinator
  • Linda Douglas, Committee Coordinator, Office of the City Clerk
  • Sandra Stiles, Citizen
  • Lindsay Galway, Citizen
  • Lynn Duffield, Citizen
  • Jane Todd, Citizen
  • Margaret Wanlin, Citizen
  • Shannon Costigan (Vice-Chair), Citizen

Interested in getting involved?

Attend an EAC monthly meeting: 4pm on the second Tuesday of every month (except for July and August) in the Whalen Building (34 North Cumberland St), CEDC Boardroom.

Add your voice and make a difference. When vacancies arise you are welcome to apply.

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