The City of Thunder Bay offers several funding opportunities to qualified bodies, within specified criteria and guidelines.

Community, Youth & Cultural Funding Program

The Community, Youth & Cultural Funding program provides support to non-profit Community, Youth & Cultural organizations and individual artists in Thunder Bay. The program has three components: sustaining grants, operating grants and project grants.

We are now accepting applications up to the deadline of March. 15, 4 pm.

Event Development Grant

The Event Development Grant supports not-for-profit groups with start-up and/or bidding costs associated with hosting inaugural or one-time events that are regional, provincial, national or international in scope.

Street Event Grant

The City's Street Event Grant assists not-for-profit organizations with costs to use City streets for annual and championship sport tourism race events that require significant policing and notification to the public.

Community partnership funding

In 2005, Thunder Bay City Council approved the Community Partnership Policy.  This Policy provides direction in the development of community partnerships for major capital projects between community groups and the City of Thunder Bay.

Recreation subsidies

Financial assistance is available to help with the cost of participating in a recreation program. Learn more about PRO Kids and the Subsidization Policy.

Government of Ontario funding

Visit the Grants Ontario Portal for more funding opportunities at

Airport Development Incentive Program

The Airport Development Incentive Program offers refunds for Aerospace construction activity. This is to help with development on Thunder Bay International Airport lands.


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