Transit Services has number of fare payment options available for you to choose from. All fares can be used on Thunder Bay Transit and Lift+ Specialized Transit.

Transit Fares

Fare type

Cost (Effective July 20, 2020)



10 tickets


Adult monthly pass


Discount monthly pass


Senior monthly pass


Youth monthly pass


Senior annual pass


Taxi Scrip


Transit Accessibility ID card


Lift+ ID card


Children 5 and under


Support Person


Fare conditions

Cash, tickets

You can only pay exact cash. Drivers are not able to provide you with change. Tickets  will never expire.

Fare fraud

Fare fraud is a serious criminal offence. If you use a pass fraudulently, a driver may confiscate it. In the event of a disagreement, you must pay the cash fare and contact Transit Services.

Lost or stolen ID cards and transit passes

Transit is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Monthly passes

Monthly passes are good for the calendar month shown on the front of the pass. Monthly passes are available by age.

  • Adult - 19-59 years old
  • Youth - 6-18 years old
  • Senior - 60 years and over

Discount passes can be bought and used if you have a Transit Accessibility ID card or a Lift+ ID card.

On weekends and holidays, monthly passes can be used by one individual OR two adults/seniors and 3 youth OR one adult/senior and 4 youth.

Ontario seniors tax credit

Effective July 1, 2017, the Ontario Government has introduced a refundable tax credit for Ontario seniors aged 65 and over. The tax credit applies to public transit services, including Thunder Bay Transit and Lift Plus Specialized Transit. Fares eligible for the tax credit include day passes, tickets, punch passes, monthly passes, and annual passes. Only cash fares on specialized transit are eligible. To claim the tax credit, you must have an itemized receipt and the pass if available. For more information, visit the Government of Ontario website.


You can get a transfer if you pay with cash or ticket . A transfer is good for one hour from the time it is issued and must be requested when you board the bus.

Transit accessibility ID card

To get an ID card, you have to provide proof of your disability with a doctor's letter, ODSP statement, or CRA disability tax credit statement. ID cards are available at Transit Services and are good for 3 years.

Senior annual pass

This pass gives you 12 months for the price of 9 and is only available at Transit Services. It is valid January 1 to December 1 and is available for sale November 1 to March 31.

Support person

A support person can travel with you free of charge on both of our services. You have to have an ID card that shows that a support person is required. You have to complete a support person application form for Lift+ or a support person application form for Thunder Bay Transit. Bring your completed form to Transit Services.

Taxi scrips

If you are an active Lift+ passenger, you can purchase taxi scrips that allow for 30% cost savings off the metered fare of a taxi. You have to have a valid ID card. You are responsible for calling and booking your own taxis.

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