Thunder Bay Transit fare increases, as approved through the City's 2024 Budget on February 12, 2024, come into effect on April 1, 2024. Overall, fares for Thunder Bay Transit and LIFT+ Specialized Transit will increase an average of 6.53 percent.

Thunder Bay Transit operates a fleet of 48 accessible buses, seven days a week, covering more than 2.8 million kilometers annually. LIFT+ provides door-to-door transportation for persons with disabilities who may be unable to use conventional transit services. 

Transit Services has a number of fare payment options available for you to choose from. All fares can be used on Thunder Bay Transit and LIFT+ Specialized Transit. 

For fares and more information, see the information below:

Transit fares

Fare Type




Sheet of 10 Tickets


Single Rider Day Pass (unlimited rides for the day)


Adult Monthly Pass


Discount Monthly Pass


Senior Monthly Pass


Youth Monthly Pass


Senior Annual Pass


Taxi Scrip


Transit Accessibility ID Card


Lift+ ID Card


Children (aged 12 and under)


Support Person


Where to Buy

You can purchase monthly passes and sheets of tickets from a number of locations throughout the city. Effective April 1, 2024, the single rider day pass will be available. This pass can only be purchased at the Transit office.


For your desired outlet you may wish to call ahead to confirm hours of operation, accessibility features, and to ensure your preferred bus pass option is available.


Transit customer service and administration at 570 Fort William Road is open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

North Outlets
OutletAddressPhone NumberMonthly PassesSheet of 10 Tickets
Arella's Quality Dollar & Import Store 292 Bay Street (807) 344-3234 Yes Yes
Cathy's Discount 238 Red River Road (807) 344-3633 Yes Yes
Confederation College Bookstore 1450 Nakina Drive (807) 475-6225 No Yes
L.U.S.U. Office 955 Oliver Road (807) 343-8259 No Yes
Safeway - Dawson Road 1015 Dawson Road (807) 768-0099 No Yes
Seasons Gift Shop (Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre) 980 Oliver Road (807) 684-6717 No Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - Arundel Street 320 Arundel Street (807) 683-6206 No Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - Port Arthur Clinic 194 Court Street North (807) 345-5611 No Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - Red River & Junot 901 Red River Road (807) 767-4411 Yes Yes
Skaf's Bargain Zone 470 Hodder Avenue (807) 683-3943 Yes Yes
Transit Services (Main Office) 570 Fort William Road (807) 684-3744 Yes Yes


South Outlets
OutletAddressPhone NumberMonthly PassesSheet of 10 Tickets
City Hall - Main Floor
500 Donald Street East (807) 625-2230 Yes Yes
Safeway - Arthur Street 115 Arthur Street West (807) 473-5993 No Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - Frederica Street 151 Frederica Street West (807) 475-7337 Yes Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - McIntyre Centre 1186 Memorial Avenue (807) 623-3601 Yes Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - McKellar Street 900 Arthur Street East (807) 623-2390 No Yes
Shoppers Drug Mart - Northwood Plaza 425 Edward Street North (807) 475-5385  Yes  Yes

Fare conditions

Cash Fare and Tickets

 You can only pay exact cash, Operators are not able to provide you with change. Tickets will never expire.


Children aged 12 and under ride for free.  Parents and/or guardians are solely responsible for ensuring their children can independently use the transit system before permitting their child to travel unattended when using Thunder Bay Transit services.

Fare Fraud

Fare fraud is a serious criminal offence. If you use a pass fraudulently, an Operator may confiscate it. In the event of a disagreement, you must pay the cash fare and contact Transit Services.

Lost or Stolen ID Cards and Transit Passes

Transit is not responsible for lost or stolen ID cards or bus passes.

Monthly Passes

Monthly passes are good for the calendar month shown on the front of the pass. Monthly passes are available by age.

  • Youth - 13-24 years old
  • Adult - 25-59 years old
  • Senior - 60 years and over

Discount passes can be purchased and used if you have a valid Transit Accessibility ID card or a Lift+ ID card.

On Sundays and holidays, Adult monthly passes can be used by one individual OR two adults/seniors and 3 youth OR one adult/senior and 4 youth.

Single Rider Day Pass

Day Passes offer unlimited rides for a travel day.

Day Passes can be purchased from the Transit Administration Office located at 570 Fort William Rd. When purchasing a Day Pass, the date of travel must be known as it will be stamped on the Day Pass.

Ontario Seniors Tax Credit

Effective July 1, 2017, the Ontario Government has introduced a refundable tax credit for Ontario seniors aged 65 and over. The tax credit applies to public transit services, including Thunder Bay Transit and Lift+ Specialized Transit. Fares eligible for the tax credit include tickets, monthly passes, and annual passes. Only cash fares on specialized transit are eligible. To claim the tax credit, you must have an itemized receipt and the pass if available. For more information, visit the Government of Ontario website.


You may request a transfer if you pay the fare with cash or a ticket. A transfer is valid for ninety (90) minutes from the time it is issued and must be requested when you board the bus.  

Transit Accessibility ID card

To obtain an ID card, you have to provide proof of your disability with a doctor's letter, ODSP statement, or CRA disability tax credit statement. ID cards are available at Transit Services and are valid for three (3) years.

Senior Annual Pass

The annual pass gives you twelve (12) months for the price of nine (9) and is only available for purchase at Transit Services. It is valid January 1st to December 31st for the year it is issued and is available for sale November 1st to March 31st.

Support Person

A support person can travel with you free of charge on both of our services. An ID card issued by Transit Services that shows that a support person is required is mandatory. You have to complete a support person application form for Lift+ or a support person application form for Thunder Bay Transit. Bring your completed form to Transit Services.

Taxi Scrips

If you are an active Lift+ passenger, you can purchase Taxi Scrips that allow for a 30% cost savings off the metered fare of a taxi. You must have a valid Lift+ ID card. You are responsible for calling and booking your own taxis.

Affordable Bus Pass Program

Affordable Bus Pass

The Affordable Bus Pass program is a pilot program intended to address income-based barriers and assist households in accessing more affordable Thunder Bay transit services.  The affordable bus pass program allows each participant to purchase one (1) Adult Monthly Bus Pass at half price per month.  There is a limited number of participants each year.  Applications are approved on a first come, first served basis.  Once the program limit has been met, applications will no longer be accepted.


To qualify for the Affordable Bus Pass program, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • You live in the City of Thunder Bay
  • Have income at or below the income limits identified on the application form and listed below
  • You are between the ages of 25-59
  • Currently not receiving transit assistance through Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or the Passport Program (DSO)
  • Agree to take part in surveys to evaluate the pilot program

Income limits 

Approval is based on need, using the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut Off numbers after tax (LICO) for the City of Thunder Bay. Combined household income must be equal to or lower than the amounts listed below based on household size:

1 individual - $19,283

2 individuals - $23,469

3 individuals - $29,224

4 individuals - $36,459

5 individuals - $41,516

6 individuals - $46,042

7+ individuals - $50,568

How to Apply

Thunder Bay Transit has partnered with Lakehead Social Planning Council (LSPC) to administer the program.  Applications are available through LSPC's website.


Apply Now

Frequently Asked Questions

 Once approved, how and where do I get my bus pass?

Show your approval letter or I.D to purchase your Affordable Bus Pass at the Thunder Bay Transit Administration Office located at 570 Fort William Road. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

 When can I purchase a monthly bus pass?

  •  For the current month, the affordable bus pass can be purchased Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30 on any day of the month
  • Starting on the 15th of each month you can purchase the following months bus pass
    • For example you can purchase an April monthly pass as early as March 15th

 Who can purchase passes?

  • Approved applicants of the Affordable Bus Pass program can purchase one (1) adult monthly pass each month
  • Any approved household member may purchase the affordable bus pass for other approved members living in their household.

Please note: There is a limit to one (1) affordable bus pass for each approved member of the household per month. 

 Can I purchase the Affordable Bus Pass at an Outlet?

 No, the affordable bus pass must be purchased at the main transit office at 570 Fort William Rd.

 I've lost my pass, can I get a new one?

No, there is only one (1) pass available each month per approved household member. 

 How long does the Program Run?

Approved applicants will be enrolled in the program until December 31st of the year you are approved.  For example, if you are approved for the program in 2023, you will be allowed to purchase a monthly bus pass each month at the reduced rate for each remaining month in the year.

 When can I apply?

  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year until the program limit is reached
  • Applications for the following year will be accepted beginning November 1.
    • For example, beginning November 1, 2023 we will be accepting applications for the 2024 program year

 Why was my application rejected?

Applications may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Combined household income is not below the cut off
  • You already receive transit funding/subsidy through:
    • Ontario Works (OW)
    • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
    • Passport Program (DSO)
  • Program has reached max capacity, please re-apply in November for the following calendar year
  • Information in the application was falsified
  • Your application is incomplete (eg. not signed, missing proof of household income, missing proof of Thunder Bay residency)

Letters are sent to applicants by LSPC regarding the acceptance/rejection of their application with one or more of the reasons identified.

 My application was rejected, can I reapply next year?

If your situation changes and you meet the criteria of the program, or if the participant limit was reached when you first applied, you may re-apply as early as November 1 for the following year.

 I was approved in one year, does this mean I am automatically approved every year?

 No, you are not automatically re-enrolled for the following year.  You may re-apply beginning November 1.

 Who should I contact with questions?

General program detail questions - Contact 211 at 2-1-1

Application questions - Contact LSPC at (807) 624-1726

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