Hydro electricity

Synergy North provides all electricity services in the city. Through their website you can set-up a new hydro account or open a business hydro account.


Visit the Union Gas website to learn more about natural gas and how to open an account.

Water and sewer

If you want to get water to a new house or to a new second suite in your home, you will need a water service connection.

Learn more about water and sewer services in the city.

Internet, telephone and cable

Both tbaytel and Shaw provide personal and business services for phone, TV and internet.

Utility location permit

All underground work which will take place within the Right of Way of all City of Thunder Bay owned property must first be approved by the staff in the engineering department. When proceeding to do underground work a utility location permit must be obtained from the City of Thunder Bay Engineering Department.

Use the application link and follow the utility location permit submission procedure to submit an application.

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