The Revenue Office will be closed on June 21st at 12:00 pm.  We will reopen on June 24th at 1:30 pm at our new location; 501-34 Cumberland St N. Access to the Revenue Office is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 807-625-2255 to make an appointment.

New Courier Address as of June 24th
City of Thunder Bay
Revenue Division
501-34 Cumberland St N
Thunder Bay ON  P7A 4L3

New Mailing Address as of June 24th
City of Thunder Bay
Revenue Division
PO Box 800
Thunder Bay ON  P7C 5K4

 Water Meter Readings for Remote Devices and for Businesses

The City is attempting to read water meter readings for residential and business accounts that have remote devices, and for businesses. However, to avoid an estimate you may want to submit a reading. Residents and businesses without an outside remote will need to submit their water meter readings.

  • Readings can be submitted by calling (807) 625-3160 (24 hr. service) between the 1st and 21st   
  • Final readings due to a sale of a property should be called in to the Revenue office at (807) 625-2255 or by emailing
  • If meter readings are not submitted, water usage for the billing period will be estimated.

Estimates may be higher than actual if you are a Business that is not operating; therefore, please submit your water meter readings.

Submit your meter readings and sign up for text, phone or email reminders for meter reading or bill due dates through the water meter reading and reminder service. Click the button below.

Water meter reading and reminder service Estimate your water bill 

 Easy steps to submit your water meter reading

  1. Have your 8-digit Water Account Number as it appears on your Water Bill.
  2. Read your Water Meter - read from left to right and enter ALL digits on your meter (including zeros and decimal numbers).
  3. Ways to submit your reading:
  • Call (807) 625-3160 (24 hr. service) to enter your water reading using your touch-tone phone.
  • Enter your reading online
  • Text your reading using your smartphone, text "Hello" to (807) 788-1227.

Call us at (807) 625-2255 during regular business hours if you require assistance, or you have a final reading due to a move.

Payment options

Payment must always be received by the City before the deadline to avoid penalty. Penalty of 5% of the outstanding balance is charged when you miss the deadline.

Payment options include:

  • Pay online, or by telephone banking  - Pay your water bills from your bank account online or by using your touch-tone phone, often with no charge. The City of Thunder Bay Water Billing is listed as a payee at most Canadian financial institutions. The payment may take a few business days to process, so send early to avoid penalty.
  • Automatic Withdrawal Plans - Sign up for automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Call (807) 625-2255 for more information. To cancel pre-authorized withdrawals, please contact the City by email at with your name and address of the property. 
  • Pay in person at the Bank - Payment can be made in person at many Canadian financial institutions. Contact your branch for more information.
  • Leave a Cheque in our Payment Drop-Off Box at Victoriaville Mall, outside the Civic Centre on the Food Court side.
  • Pay Online with your credit card with Plastiq (additional fee applies)
  • Mail a cheque to: City of Thunder Bay, PO Box 800, Thunder Bay ON P7C 5K4

Water rebates

See our discounts and rebates page for more information.

Water rates and fees

City of Thunder Bay water bills are issued every three months. The price of water is based on a fixed cost per day, and a variable volumetric charge and sewer rate. For single family residential accounts in 2024, water rates are $2.002/m3 plus $0.914 per day. There is an additional sewer rate of 90% of the total for access to the sewage system.

Other information

Mailing address changes

Complete a mailing address change form and submit by mail, fax or email to

Water guides

 Water certificates

Complete a Water Certificate Application and include payment of $60.00. For more information please call (807) 625-2255.

Moving, selling or purchasing?

Please call our office at (807) 625-2255 to provide:

  • the moving or closing date,

  • the previous owner's forwarding address, and

  • the new owner's name and billing information.

The previous and new owner must call our office to provide a final reading to ensure the final bill is completed in a timely and accurate manner. Water charges remain with the property, and any unpaid balance after the due date of the final bill becomes the new owner’s responsibility.

Please ensure you change your banking information when you move, as the water account number remains with the property address.

See our guide to selling or purchasing your home for more information.

High water bill?


Leaking Toilets - Here are two easy tests to tell if your toilet is leaking. A leaking toilet can waste 100s of cubic metres a month and is the #1 cause of high water bills.

  • Remove your toilet tank lid. Put a few drops of food colouring into the toilet tank and wait 30 minutes. Look in the toilet bowl, if the water changes colour, you have a leak.

  • Look inside the tank. If the water is flowing into the overflow tube once the tank is full, you have a leak.

Leaking Faucets - Unlike a leaky toilet, a leaky faucet is easy to notice because of the sound of dripping water. Take a walk through your home to check for leaking faucets. A leaky faucet that drips at a rate of one drip per second can waste more than 14 cubic metres per year.

Monitor your water use

Easy test to detect hidden leaks
      1. Take a reading after the last person has used water at night (write down all the digits).
      2. Take a second reading in the morning before anyone uses water.
      3. If no one used water overnight and the reading has changed, then you know you have a leak.

Know your daily average water use

An average household consumes 0.55 cubic metres a day (120 gallons), which is 50 cubic metres in a three-month billing period.

      1. Read your meter often so you are aware of your average daily use and detect leaks early.

      2. Question an increase in your daily average. You may have a leak or a change in consumption patterns.

Water late fees

You receive four water bills a year, once every three months. Penalty will be charged even if you did not get your bill. Call the Water office at (807) 625-2255 if you need to update your address. Set up bill due date reminders or call the water office to set up your reminders.

Additional charges apply to:

  • late payments

  • water arrears notices

  • water bill reprints (excluding the current bill)

  • all cheques returned NSF (cheque does not clear bank)

A 5% penalty on the current bill is charged if payment is not received by the due date. A fee is charged when a water arrears notice is sent out. A fee is charged for bill reprint requests for all bills except the current bill.

The City of Thunder Bay may discontinue service on accounts for non-compliance with the Waterworks By-law including arrears, failure to provide meter readings or failure to provide safe access to your meter. The City of Thunder Bay will not be held responsible for any resulting loss, damage or inconvenience. Fees are charged for both the shut-off and turn-on.

Outstanding water balances will be transferred to the tax roll of the property and be held as a lien against the property.

Sewer and water rates


Frequently asked questions

What will the average family pay for water in 2024 compared to 2023?

 The average household consumes 200 cubic metres of water per year. In 2023, the total cost was $1,354. For 2024, the cost will be $1,394. This represents an increase of 3% or $40 annually. Each household receives four water bills per year, so for each bill the increase will be about $10 compared to 2023 billings.

What do the terms 'fixed cost' and 'volumetric charge' refer to?

The fixed cost supports the infrastructure that delivers water to your home. The volumetric charge refers to the charge for the volume or amount of water that you use. 

What is the 'sewer rate'?

The sewer rate is 90% of the total water fixed cost and the volumetric charge. The sewer rate applies to all water customers who are connected to the sewage system. The sewer rate supports the collection and treatment of wastewater from homes and businesses.

How do Thunder Bay rates compare with rates in other cities?

Rates in Thunder Bay are in the mid-range relative to other municipalities across the province. An independent survey undertaken by BMA Consulting in 2022 revealed that the annual cost of 200 cubic metres of water ranged from a low of $625 to a high of $2,844 with the average being $1,237. In 2022, Thunder Bay's average annual cost for 200 cubic metres was $1,315.

How much water is used daily in an average Thunder Bay home?

An average household consumes 0.55 cubic metres a day (120 gallons), which is 50 cubic metres in a three-month billing period.

What can I do to conserve water?

Water is lost due to leaking faucets, old water-guzzling toilets, and excessive outdoor watering. Practice the 3Rs of wise water use:

  • Reduce - Become aware of the amount of water you're using and look for ways to use less
  • Retrofit - Replace water-guzzling toilets and appliances with more water-efficient models, or retrofit existing appliances with water-saving devices
  • Repair - Stop the leaks! In one year, a leak of just one drip per second wastes 14 cubic metres (3,000 gallons) of water. Running toilets should be repaired. A leaking toilet can waste hundreds of cubic metres of water a month and is the #1 cause of high water bills.

Are my water meter readings obtained by the City for every billing?

No. Customers without an outside remote are responsible to submit meter readings every three months between the 1st and the 21st. Your water meter is located inside your home.

Why is it important to submit my water meter readings to the City?

Water meter readings ensure your bill is based on actual consumption. When readings are not received, your consumption is estimated and you may be over- or under-billed. All bills are calculated using rates in effect at time of billing. If your water consumption is being estimated, any difference in consumption identified upon receiving a meter reading will be billed at current rates. Consistent, actual readings may also help you identify plumbing leaks early and save you money.

When do I submit my water meter reading?

Customers without an outside remote are responsible to submit meter readings every three months. The water bill you receive indicates the month that we require your next meter reading between the 1st and the 21st. Please look for the "IMPORTANT NOTICE" section on your quarterly water bill. Set up reminders by text, phone or email for your readings and bill due dates.

Do billing charges continue if my property is vacant?

Yes. If your property will be vacant for an extended period, billing charges continue unless the meter is removed and water is turned off at the street. To request meter removal, contact our office at (807) 625-2255. 

 If you require a PDF in an accessible format, email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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