Facilities remain closed during Provincial shutdown

All recreational facilities and in-person programming have been cancelled or delayed until further notice due to the province-wide shutdown and Stay at Home orders. 

Memberships may be placed on hold. Paid in full Memberships will be extended for period of closure.  Direct Deposit memberships will be credited for time lost on their account.

Credits will be issued for paid registered programs that are impacted by closures during the shutdown. 

Registration credit notices

The Recreation & Culture Division has moved to a new registration system called Perfect Mind.

If you had a credit on your existing account and have not already spoken to a staff
person to process your refund, any of your remaining credits for 2021 will be
transferred to the new registration system for use on your new account or can be
refunded in the future.

If you do not have an active membership or have not had an account set up yet,
account credits that were from prior to 2021 have not been automatically transferred
to the new system.  Once you have created an account, our team will transfer any existing credits

If you still need help setting up an account or with your credit,
please call our help lines at (807) 625-3738 or (807) 630-1691. 

Our help lines are open Monday to Friday, excluding holidays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Please do not leave credit card information on voicemails - leave a message with your contact information and your call will be returned to process your refund. We look forward to sharing our new system with you soon, which includes online registration!

Please note that information below is relevant only while facilities remain open.

Pre-screening tool

Pre-screening is required at all recreation facilities upon reopening. Help reduce line-ups at entrances by filling out the online pre-screening tool:

Recreation Facilities (Pools, Arenas, Stadia and Kinsmen Centre) Pre-Screening Tool

Older Adults (55 Plus Centre and West Arthur) Pre-Screening Tool

Facility and program information

Program information is listed in The Key. Note that provincial orders and/or regional status may impact registration and start dates of programs and programming is subject to change.

Summer Program registration will begin May 31 for Summer Camps and Youth Programming.

  • Register online, call the hotline at 807-625-8463 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to register for an activity, or call a facility directly as of the dates listed above. 
    • Victoriaville Civic Centre: 625-2351
    • Canada Games Complex: 684-3403
 Children & Youth Programs

Children's Programs

View the City's section of the Key for information on available programs and services.


Youth Move

  • Ages 12-18 welcome
  • Virtual programming will be offered, however in-person programming is not offered if in Grey-Lockdown
  • Indoor programming is offered Tuesday-Friday from 3-9pm and Saturday from 12-4pm at the Kinsmen Youth Centre (609 James St. N.) *only offered when not in Grey-Lockdown
  • Social distancing will be implemented when facility is open, and masks are required (will be provided if participants do not have one)
  • Games, crafts, video games, computer access, sports, snacks and more.

For more information on Youth Move, call 625-2344 or find Youth Move on Facebook or Instagram.


Youth Inclusion Program

The Youth Inclusion Program provides neighbourhood based programming created to fit the needs of youth ages 12-24. 

  • YIP is currently accepting referrals for one-to-one supports
    • Fill out a participant referral form to request support
    • Youth Navigators will work with youth to identify strengths and provide support for employment, housing, well-being, education, mental health, and pro-social cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Virtual programming is available! Check out YIP on instagram or facebook for details on upcoming programs and events
  • In-person programming will only resume once in Orange.
  • Email youthinclusion@thunderbay.ca for more details
 Junior Inclusion Services

Junior Inclusion Services (J.I.S.) provides support for the Recreation & Culture Division's programs to children and youth with special needs. Support includes one week per participant. 

View the City's section of The Key for programs that JIS supports. 

To request support: Call 625-3220

 Older Adult Programs

Older Adult programming will remain closed until the Provinces Road to Re-opening plan Phase 3 begins. Upon reopening:

  • Pre-screening will be required. Please fill out the online pre-screening form if possible, otherwise paper copies are available at the door
  • Pre-booking is required for all activities, including drop-in programs. 
  • Masks or face coverings will be required
  • Physical distancing must be maintained
  • No use of change rooms or shower facilities
  • Participants are asked to bring their own water bottles to fill at the new touchless water fill stations

Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre

  • Call 684-3066 for more information.
  • The River Street Cafe will offer take-out service only, with no seating in the cafe. The Library, Gift Shop, Billiard Room and Puzzle Exchange cupboard remain closed for the time being. 

West Arthur Community Centre

  • Call 684-3066 with questions
Pools and Fitness

Under Lockdown: All pools and fitness facilities are closed.


Churchill Pool (currently CLOSED for construction)

  • Call 577-2538 to pre-book swimming activities for up to three days in advance
  • Pre-bookings for limited aquatics activities are required and will be taken by phone. Please call 577-2538 to pre-book. 

Canada Games Complex

  • The following will be closed during Red: upstairs weight/cardio rooms (main floor weight/cardio rooms will remain open), track, squash courts and Chronic Disease Management programs
  • Pool remains open for one-hour bookings
  • Fitness classes and programs will be offered on a reduced schedule with a maximum of nine participants and one instructor
  • Pre-booking for pool and fitness classes is required. For details visit www.thunderbay.ca/cgc
  • Memberships may be continued for use of the pool and fitness programs, or they may be placed on hold until reverting back to level Orange. Call 684-3333 for membership inquiries
  • Pre-screening is required prior to entry. Fill out the online pre-screening tool the day of your activity, or a paper copy when you arrive.
  • Babysitting service and towel rentals will not be available at this time
  • Call 625-8463 to register for swim lessons.

View the The Key for programs (subject to change due to COVID-19). 

Volunteer Pool 

  • Remains closed with an anticipated reopening in Stage 3, pending Provincial guidelines at that time.
Community Centres

If under level Grey-Lockdown: community centres will be closed during lockdown.

If reopening under level Red-Control:

  • Current River, North McIntyre, Oliver Road, Vale, West Arthur and West Thunder will reopen gradually for limited programming. Contact a centre directly for more information on available hours and bookings.
  • Jumbo, North End, South Neebing and Vickers Heights will remain closed during the red stage.
  • Maximum 10 people seated for centres with restaurant service (max. 4 seated together); take-out is also available at participating centres
  • For centres that offer meeting and event spaces (including weddings), a limit of four people may be seated together
  • Liquor can only be sold or served up until 9 pm
  • No consumption of liquor permitted between 10 pm to 9 am
  • Meeting and event spaces must be closed from 10 pm to 5 am
  • Visit: www.thunderbay.ca/communitycentres for information

Several centres are operated by external boards, and available services will vary by centre. Please contact the centres directly for inquiries.


Arenas & Stadia

Under Grey-Lockdown: all arenas will be closed.

If reopening under Red - Control:

Arenas will reopen in Red with very limited capacity. Contact the Facility Booking Coordinator for Arenas & Stadia inquiries and bookings at 807-625-2434.

  • Capacity limits, where physical distancing can be maintained, include:
    • 10 people in indoor areas with weights and exercise machines
    • 10 people in all indoor classes or 25 people in outdoor classes
    • No spectators permitted, however each person under 18 may be accompanied by one parent or guardian for supervision
    • Participant group size is max. 10 plus organizational staff such as coaches, designates, managers and trainers
  • Team sports must not be practiced or played except for training (no games or scrimmage)
  • Activities that are likely to result in individuals coming within 2 metres of each other are not permitted; no contact is permitted for team or individual sports 
  • Pre-screening is required before entering any City recreational facility. Fill out the online tool here: www.thunderbay.ca/rfst

  • Players must come dressed to arena (other than skates and helmets – no bags inside)

  • Masks are required inside the facility (but may be removed when putting on helmet and/or actively participating in physical activity)

  • No access to dressing rooms at this time

  • Please arrive and depart within 15min of your ice rental

  • Public skating is cancelled until further notice

  • FWG Box Office is closed to the public

  • All arena concession sites are closed indefinitely until further notice.


Visit the Events page for upcoming events!

Please be 'COVID-Kind' at our facilities

We recognize that the protocols we've had to introduce are inconvenient, especially with the colder weather coming. We wish things could go back to normal too! However, with cases rising, it's now more important than ever to follow Provincial legislation, Public Health guidelines, and industry standards in order to continue to offer the recreational programs you love, safely.

Please respect our staff as they implement the necessary measures to keep you (and themselves) safe. View some of our frequently asked questions in the drop down below:

What expectations are there for visitors who enter recreational facilities?
  • Screen online or at the entry the day of your activity. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell, please do not enter. 
  • Wear a mask throughout all spaces of the facility, except while actively engaging in strenuous physical activity
  • Wipe down any shared equipment after use (eg. after using fitness equipment). Our staff will also be cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day, but this will help prevent spread between each use.
  • Practice physical distancing based on current standards. 
  • Follow capacity limits posted in each facility/room.
  • Only enter through designated, monitored entrances. Do not let people in unmonitored entrances/exits.
  • Pre-book fitness classes, pool times and squash times. Additional reservations may be required depending on the facility or the city's current level in Ontario's Response Framework.
  • Please bring your own water bottle as only water bottle filling stations will be available and not fountains.
  • Sanitize hands upon entering a facility, and practice frequent hand washing/sanitizing as needed after engaging in activities throughout the facility.
  • Respectful behaviour is expected from both our staff and customers. Please respect our staff as they work hard to provide programs and services while keeping the public and themselves safe. Acts of aggression and harrassment towards staff or other users will not be tolerated and those who act in such a manner will be asked to leave. Please be respectful as we all adapt to new protocols.
Are masks still mandatory? Why aren't some people wearing them?

Yes! Please wear a mask at all times in the facility except while actively engaging in strenuous physical activity. 

Some people are exempt due to medical conditions or other factors. Under law, we are not allowed to ask them for proof of exemption, so we ask that patrons respect eachother's privacy and continue to physically distance. 

Why can't we loosen up on some restrictions like accessing dressing rooms now that it's colder out?

We're know it's different and inconvenient to come and go (mostly) dressed for sport.  Thank you for making this change with us.

Indoor recreation and sport activities can lead to virus transmission and super spreading events, particularly in small/enclosed spaces like dressing rooms. We have implemented measures to help keep the risk of spread low under the guidance of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and industry standards.  We are looking forward to reopening our arena dressing rooms as soon as we can do so safely. 

We consider ourselves lucky to still be able to offer access to recreational facilities and appreciate your patience with the fact that we are not fully 'back to normal'.  Restricting access and capacity is inconvenient but necessary to keep our facilities open for you to enjoy.

Why do I need to screen every time, even if I'm there every day?

Everyone must screen every time they enter our facilities - this is particularly important as we have hit the second wave in Thunder Bay. Answers to screening can change very quickly with the onset of even minor symptoms.

It is vital that participants answer each question truthfully, and do not enter if they are exhibiting ANY symptoms of COVID-19. It is simply not worth the risk.

Why does it matter where people enter or exit a facility? 

We need to be able to track the number of people in the facility at all times. Staffing levels might mean some exits will be locked from the outside (ie. people can exit but not enter), as staff may not be available to monitor every door.

It is very important that visitors do not attempt to let other people in through an unmonitored exit. This can lead to overcrowding and visitors not being properly screened, putting participants and staff at risk.

What can I do to keep others safe before, during or after my activity?
  • Minimize social gatherings of participants and spectators both before and after the activity. This includes spectator stands, washrooms and the areas outside of the filed of play/facilities. 
  • Limit carpooling and meals (in homes or at restaurants) to those within your household 
  • Limit gatherings inside and outside facilities. Ensure a two-metre physical distance and wearing masks if parents and/or participants are socializing in the facility parking lots.   
  • Do not coach or play for more than one team 
  • Wear a face mask at all times unless engaged in strenuous athletic activity 
  • Maintain physical distance of at least two metres from other people before, during and after the activity 
  • Clean and disinfect equipment between uses 
  • Do not share your sports gear with other people 
  • Practice frequent hand hygiene by using an alcohol-based hand rub or washing your hands with soap
  • Adhere to all current public health guidelines/restrictions around travel and gatherings.
With cases rising, why are recreation facilities even open at all?

The Pandemic has taken a toll on many people's physical and mental health. It's important to stay active through various forms of physical activity. As long as it is deemed safe to do so by public health officials, we will continue to offer recreational opportunities that are allowed under the Province's Reopening Framework where feasible, with proper protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

As the situation can change quickely due to sudden rise in cases, or potential increased exposure at recreational facilities, it may result in some facilities being recommended to close or hours/activities changing. We will keep you updated through this website and social media should any changes occur. 

Reopening of other facilities and programs

Reopening plans for various facilities and programs are being developed and reviewed based on key principles of safety first, value for money, and creating opportunities. Reopenings take into account health and safety protocols, staffing, and other facility considerations prior to being recommended and approved. 

Program registration credits and refunds

  • Staff will proceed to apply credits to registered programs that have been cancelled due to facility shutdowns. Clients who wish to request a refund instead of a credit to their account may call Community Services at 625-2227 or 684-3323.
    • If necessary, please leave a voicemail or send an email to communityservices@thunderbay.ca with your contact information; staff will return your call. Important: Do not submit credit card information via voicemail or email. Refunds may take up to 3-4 weeks to process
    • Members have the option to put memberships on hold due to COVID-19 concerns. Email gamescomplex@thunderbay.ca to make arrangements.

If you require additional details or clarification, please connect with staff Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. using the information listed below. 

  • General Inquiries: 625-2351
  • Aquatics/Fitness Memberships: 684-3323
  • Event Tickets: 625-2929
  • Facility Rentals/Bookings: 625-2227
  • Ice Rentals/Bookings: 625-2434
  • Programs: 625-8463

Stay up to date with information from the City on COVID-19.

Virtual programming 

Please enjoy the free virtual programming included below with your family and loved ones - or on your own! - as we navigate these challenging times together. The linked content has been curated by Recreation & Culture Division staff, who cannot wait to reconnect with community members in-person once the emergency orders have been lifted. Until we can once again gather together, please enjoy the information and resources listed below – and feel free to connect with us via our social media pages!

 Arts & crafts
 Fitness, wellness & sport
 For adults & older adults
 For teens
 Get outside
 Music & film

Recreation activities and programs 

Get active in Thunder Bay with one of our many recreation activities. We have children and youth programs, activities for older adults and a variety of accessible activities. The City also hosts performances, exhibitions, festivals and events year-round.

Learn more about the recreation activities and programs offered by the City, including guidelines by age, and how to register. You can also check out The Key recreation guide to see what is happening each season. Looking for more things to do? Visit Thunder Bay also highlights what to see and do in the City as well as outdoor activities and adventures.

Recreation facilities

We have a variety of recreation facilities including community centres, pools, arenas, golf and older adult centres. Book or rent a facility for your next gathering or sporting event.

Exercise outdoors

Enjoy one of the many parks, campgrounds and conservation areas across the City. Explore one of our many trails, whether you're planning a hike, biking, or taking a walk with your family.

Arts, culture, and history

Thunder Bay is one of Canada's Cultural Capitals, a distinction awarded by the Government of Canada. Our City is rich in arts and culture. View our City art collection, discover the City's growing collection of public art, or take part in one of our Call to Artists competitions.

Baggage Building Arts Centre

Located in the historic freight shed at the waterfront, the Baggage Building Arts Centre is a hub for cultural exchange and collaboration. It's the creative heart of Prince Arthur's Landing, which fosters creative people and organizations year-round. View local artistic talent or sign up for a workshop and create your own art.

Explore the city

Learn more about what our city has to offer by exploring our Visit Thunder Bay tourism website.

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